Do You Need an Elite Marketing Pro Coach?

Elite Marketing ProAre you frustrated with your online efforts? Feel like you are doing what you are suppose to do but not getting any results?

For over 6 years I tried to find a better way to build my MLM and had little to no success. Like you I went online looking for a solution.

And like you I got completely overwhelmed. There was just too much to learn. I felt like I was bombarded with so many different ways to build my business that I just didn’t know where to begin. What the heck was step one?

Can you relate to this? Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated?

Well, I can tell you that there is hope and a simple and easy way to get started with your online efforts to build your MLM.

The Story of Elite Marketing Pro

My story begins about 13 months ago when I got an email from Tim Erway telling me about a new lead generation system called Elite Marketing Pro. Like you, I was a bit skeptical at first. Was this just another false hope?

But I sat back, took a look at all the training I had on my bookshelves and stored on my computer and realized I had tons of course that I had purchased from Magnetic Sponsoring over the years. Tons of amazing training that I had purchase but never put into practice.

Well, it turns out that Tim Erway is now the CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring, now called Elite Marketing Pro.

I realized that I didn’t want to buy another training course from Tim, I wanted to implement what I was learning and start getting results.

So I made the commitment to myself that the moment I hit the buy button my business was going to change.

I began to go through the training inside Elite Marketing Pro. I was on all the webinars and started to learn the system from the inside out. I watched what Tim and his team were doing on their webinars and I began sharing the training that I was getting.

For the first time ever I was consistently getting 1-2 lead a day. What an eye opening experience. Going from nothing in 6 years to leads in just 30 days. I realized what an amazing tool I had, and I just began sharing.

I became determined to share hope with others. I began sharing with others the success I was having and helping them have the same kind of results.

I built a community of action takers that after just 14 days in my mastermind group were getting leads and making sales.

This was the beginning of me becoming an Elite Marketing Pr Coach.

How I became an Elite Marketing Pro Coach

After 11 months of being involved in Elite Marketing Pro I got a call from another Elite Marketing Pro leader inside the community. It turns out he was also a Chef turn online marketer. Chef Doug asked if I would consider partnering with him to create a 60 day Challenge for all Elite Marketing Pro affiliates.

I thought it was a great opportunity to help even more people get results with this amazing lead generation system!

So I called Tim Erway and told him what we wanted to do and he fully endorsed it! He gave us his blessing. Chef Doug and I got together and in just 1 week we had the complete outline of the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Fast Start Challenge.

We put together elite training by top leaders in the industry. We were expecting about 50 people to join our challenge and were shocked when we had 187 people join us in this challenge!

Here are some of the testimonials that we received in the first week of the challenge.

elite marketing pro 60 day

taking action Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro Coach

It has truly been a blessing to help other achieve a level of success that they have never reached before.

Do you want this for yourself? Would you be open to learning a better and faster way to build your MLM online?

Then take action right now by clicking on Elite Marketing Pro. Work with me an Elite Marketing Coach to help you get results faster!

I look forward to having you on the team. As a bonus you will also have access to my private mastermind group and LIVE hangout training! Finally, you don’t have to go it alone!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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