Elite Marketing Pro: Are You Cheating on Your MLM?

Elite Markerting ProAre you cheating on your mlm with elite marketing pro? Is that even possible?

As a network marketer everyone always asks me… is Elite Marketing Pro a MLM? Did you switch companies?

Absolutely not! I am still an independent distributor with Reliv International. 🙂

So why am I promoting and sharing Elite Marketing Pro? Because it is training and education that every network marketer needs. It really is as simple as that.

As a fellow network marketer, we turn to the internet to prospect, generate leads, and get people to join us in our opportunity. We are mini infomercials for our respective companies. So the question is, how do you become a better infomercial?

For many of us we spin our wheels buying the next great training or product that will show us how to build our business. What I discovered was that no matter how many courses I bought or how many live training events I went to, my business wasn’t growing.

So what was I missing? What are you missing?

It is the elite marketing pro system. The exact sales funnel needed to turn prospects into buyers and/or team leaders.

Elite Marketing Pro is the ultimate system.

Everything I have learned about online marketing, follow up, and building my business I have learned from the creators of Elite Marketing Pro, Magnetic Sponsoring.

It is an affiliate program that offers the best training I have seen hands down in the MLM industry. When prospecting online you have to lead with an offer… something free or a give-a-way. So Magnetic Sponsoring course offers 7 Free videos that will teach you how to generate endless leads for life.

That is a great give-a-way and tons of value found in these videos. When you share this link, people give you their name and email address. Now you have generated a lead. Super easy to follow up and see if you can help. Are they looking for more leads or an opportunity?

I find it soooo much easier to talk with people when I am helping them and providing value. Heck, I even get people calling me and asking for training or help. My last 2 leads asked about joining me in my opportunity. They wanted to be on my team. Would you like that to happen for you?

I find that sharing the training that I am learning from Elite Marketing Pro has helped me tremendously in my business.

With Elite Marketing Pro you will learn a very valuable skill that will teach you how to present an offer, generate a lead, convert for the sale, and follow up with other offers. This is a 6-figure formula that you will learn. Are you ready to start making a 6-figure income?

Quick reminder for all network marketer and online marketers, something that is often forgotten. You are a business owner, at the end of the day you are in this to make money. Network marketing is one form of residual and Elite Marketing Pro will be your second. It is never a bad thing to have multiple streams of income.

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    6 replies to "Elite Marketing Pro: Are You Cheating on Your MLM?"

    • Carla J Gardiner

      You are right on with this information Katrina. Before I brought my business online three plus years ago I would have answered you differently than I will today. My answer to cheating on your MLM? NO…instead you are simply using a system to attract prospects to you instead of you chasing them at the mall, cold calling out of the phone book or pestering your family and friends. By using a system we are able to expose our opportunity to more people in a systematic manner and not missing any of the steps. I don’t use Elite Marketing Pro, instead I use Daily Marketing Coach (DMC+). Regardless of the system the idea is the same and ALL network marketers should consider using one to attract their ideal prospect then share their opportunity for maximum profits long term.

      • Katrina

        I love using affiliate marketing to build my business. As a business owner and entrepreneur we want multiple streams of income. The right affiliate marketing company or product can help you achieve that! You are amazing and I thank you for your inspiring comment!

    • Ray

      Interesting question. Not something I have a lot of context to really comment on, but I will say that any kind of endeavor should have you most honest efforts put forward toward it.

      • Katrina

        Agree. Be honest and give value. Will be the best advice every given. Thank you!

    • Michelle DeBerge

      Great resource. Thank you!

      • Katrina

        Thank you for taking time to read. Appreciate it!

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