How do you choose the right domain for your website?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked… and the question that keeps most people from taking action in building their site. The choosing of your domain is a key ingredient for your business.

Don’t complicate it! Keep it simple. And keep it easy to say without any weird spelling. Sometimes you are going to have to send people to your site and you want the name to be easy to say without any miscommunication.

In the video below I share with you the top common questions people have about choosing the right domain for their business.

Watch Choosing the Right Domain | Chef Katrina

I’m going to share the top ingredients to be aware of when building your business online.

  1. NameCheap – is the cheapest place to purchase your domain.

When purchasing your domain do your homework. Go to Namecheap and start researching to see if your domain is available. The most common domains you want to get is either a .com or .net because that is what most people associate with a website they are given.

If you are doing personal branding and your name is already taken, you might go with some alternatives like


Be open to playing with variations of your personal brand. You might find something that stands out.

The cool thing about domains is that you can point them to any hosting. My preferred is SiteGround. SiteGround has amazing customer service and is built for those that are entrepreneurs with something to sell. Plus they favor self-hosted WordPress users.

2. Domain vs Email Address

When choosing the right domain for your business it is also important to note that your domain can become your email address. Which lends credibility to your brand and your business.

What is recommended is the use of Google Workspace over the use of your hosting company. You can start with the starter package for just $6 a month. This is a great investment in your business and give you a business google email address with all the bells and whistles of a gmail account.

3. Email Autoresponder

When choosing an email auto responder most require that you have a company domain email address. Some will let you get away with a personal email address…

For the growth of your brand and your business, having a business email address is critical. This is another reason to keep your domain name simple. You will have to share it with people.

The Foundation of Your Business

In 2021 and beyond the foundation of your business is going to be your website. It will once again become the key ingredient for how you advertise, socialize, and build your tribe.

There is a lot of out dated training on the internet that is no longer valid. How do you know which training to following and which training has you throwing money away?

The only thing in my control is my courses and training.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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