Does Your Right Side Sell Your Blog?

Your Blog SideI just sat through a 20 minute blogging webinar and learned “your blog has a right side and it could use some love”.

So just what the heck am I talking about? Almost every blog has a right side. ——>

This portion of your blog is the selling part. This is where you get optins for your blog, download, or free give away.

Here’s the thing… Your right side has to be congruent with your body. This is where most of the mistakes happen… yes, even to me.

Here is my personal review of my right side. Do you agree?

5 Ways to Make Your Right Side of Your Blog Look Good!

  1. Make sure you have an optin form on your right side. Maybe a give-a-way or e-book that will entice your reader to give you their name and email address.
  2. Facebook Fan Box – with social media being a huge part of our society let people connect with you on Facebook also. If you would like to learn how to add a facebook fan box, click on this link where I show you step by step on how to insert a Facebook Fan Box into your blog.
  3. If you do affiliate marketing make sure your banners or links are relevant to your blog. A lot of times it feels like people just throw affiliate banners up and they have nothing to do with the blog or topic. So practice being congruent.
  4. Make sure it is clean and sized correctly. Nothing like having images sized wrong and a jumble of things.
  5. Test, Test, and Test some more. Be willing to change up your right side. If you are not getting leads or connections, maybe you need to change it up. It is okay to do this! Every blogger evolves and with them, so does their blog.

I picked apart my blog for you so that you have some reference to see that even I am always growing and fine tuning my blog. I think of having a blog, like owning a home, once you have one thing just right, everything else has to change! It is a never ending process but just remember, don’t get so caught up on the technical that you stop posting to your blog.

Your #1 priority is your reader. Don’t neglect them just to make your blog “look pretty”. If your content is good, they will come back to an ugly blog too. 🙂

If you got some value from this blog post on, does your right side sell your blog, the highest compliment you can give is sharing on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like your blog reviewed connect with me on Facebook and message me.

So what do you think? Do you believe that you should have a right side that sells your blog? Would love to get your comment below!

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