Webinar on your blog imageAs a blogger we all want more traffic to our site. What better way to drive traffic and increase view time on your blog than with a webinar.

With webinars you can share a vast array of information, from product reviews to basic team training.

Yet everyone thinks they have to spend money on these webinar platforms… Webinar on Air, WebinarJam, GoToWebinar and many others,  in order to host a webinar.

But if you have a blog, an autoresponder, and a YouTube channel… you have all the tools you need to create webinars on your blog.

Yes, it may take a little work to set up the first one.. but once you see how easy it is to set up a webinar on your blog… you will find that you can drive lots of traffic and keep people on your site for a good while.

There are tons of benefits to hosting your own blog webinars as you will see.

Tools To Create Webinars on Your Blog

This is pretty straight forward and I will show you how to create webinars on your blog in the video below.

The first thing you are going to need is your blog. On your blog you are going to create 2 pages to host your webinar.

1. First page is what we call a capture page (getting their email address)

2. Second Page for hosting the Webinar (offer to buy button – or action wanted)

The second crucial piece you need is your email autoresponder. In this video I am using Aweber.

The third piece you will need… YouTube Channel attached to your Google+ account.

And this is how simple it is to create a webinar on your blog.

Training to Create Webinars on Your Blog

As you can see, you can create a webinar on your blog fairly quickly if you have all the pieces.

An ingredient that I left out in the video (by mistake) is this…

When you are you in your Aweber sign up form creation… step 2 asks for a thank you page. You can add your webinar page right there so that when people sign up they are taken to that page. Have them bookmark it.

Remember, you asked for their email to remind them of when the webinar starts. So make sure that you create a broadcast email for that… you can even schedule it to go out automatically.

This is a very powerful tool and I have used this exact method to launch my Blogging Ingredients course and marketing training.

Remember just because you don’t have a ton of money starting out… doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. This was my creative solution to not being able to purchase a webinar subscription… Worked out better for me because now I get more traffic to my site. 🙂

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Do you have any questions about the create webinars on your blog training? Please ask them below in the comment section.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    8 replies to "How To Create Webinars On Your Blog"

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Awesome Training Chef Katrina. I too was wondering how to do this at no additional cost. Now I have my answer!

      Thank you

      • Katrina

        Hilary you can do this on your EMP blog also. Use the capture page builder and then host the video on another page. Actually you could probably pull this off with any WP self hosted blog. 🙂

    • Jaye Carden

      Very impressive idea, I have to admit. I have never seen this from anyone ever before, and the idea never crossed my mind. So now I have a great way to do webinars on my website. I’ve been doing them for a while, not on my site yet though. That will change soon! Thanks Katrina, this will really bring traffic and keep them there for a long time.

      • Katrina

        Hey Jaye, It’s something I have been doing for a while. I don’t know why no one is teaching it. Great alternative to webinar platforms. 🙂 Let me know when you host your first webinar on your blog! I want to be there!

    • Jeff Beeman

      Rockstar training! Ive been wanting to start doing webinars for awhile now but couldnt find an affordable service I was comfortable with… and it was right here under my nose the whole time. Perfect!

      • Katrina

        Jeff when you don’t have extra money to spend… you just get creative. This is the benefit of having a blog. 🙂

    • Sandra Rodriguez

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge! This is great; looking forward to putting it into practice.

      • Katrina

        This is just a great way to improve traffic and share what you know through webinars. Glad you got value from this Sandra!

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