web TrafficFor well over 6 years I struggled with getting traffic to my offer, my blog, and my business.

Have you been struggling with traffic. Does it seem elusive and just out of reach?

Then I have something very special to share with you today.

When I attended No Excuses Summit 5 back in June I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Baran.

Like you Matt struggled with traffic. He was frustrated but determined to figure out traffic and how to get a non-stop flow of it for just pennies.

He was at No Excuses 4 when he was introduced to PPV, known as Pay Per View.

This is a very unique and brilliant marketing strategy that few talk about. We hear about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Yet this strategy really does blow everything out of the water.

Non-Stop Traffic for Pennies

How To Drive An UNSTOPPABLE Flood Of High Quality Traffic To YOUR Website For
As Little As $0.01 Per Visitor!

Yes, you read this correctly… RIGHT NOW… you can get targeted traffic for as little as ONE PENNY per visitor. Using one of the most overlooked and completely misunderstood forms of traffic – PPV … or Pay Per View marketing.

Now… before you get too excited, and think you can just jump in willy-nilly and make a bundle of money… I MUST WARN YOU… even though there’s more PPV traffic available than you can shake a stick at… MANY internet marketers and affiliates, including a number of paid traffic experts, LOSE THEIR SHIRT HERE.

Because this is a totally different animal than Facebook, YouTube and virtually every other kind of traffic source you might have been exposed to.

Although it’s super easy and quick to get started… you can literally have a campaign up and running in as little as 15 minutes… it’s also just as easy and fast to LOSE MONEY. As most people do.


Because they don’t know the rules of the game, and don’t quite understand HOW to turn this massive flood of ice cold traffic into a consistent flow of red-hot leads, sales, and profits.

That said… there are a handful of marketers online today who are absolutely crushing it with PPV, and making money hand over fist.

In every market you can possibly imagine.

Take your pick…

  • How To Make Money OR Biz Opp…
  • Weight Loss…
  • Dating…
  • Fitness…
  • Ecommerce…


And many of them are quietly stuffing hundreds, and some even THOUSANDS of scorching-hot leads per day into their funnel, for as little as 40 cents each.

More Traffic!

So tonight I offer you an opportunity to learn from Matt by attending his live training tonight. I can’t wait to jump on this webinar myself. This is an area that I am just learning about but really want to take advantage of.

If you feel the same then click here —> Teach Me About PPV, I’m Ready! 

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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