How to Create a Post in WordPress

I am going to get into so much trouble for sharing this… How to Create a Post in WordPress

The top leaders in the industry don’t really share this information when you first start blogging. (glance over shoulder)

It is something you stumble into as you learn how to drive traffic to your blog. These are the insider tips that will boost your SEO and help people find you, when looking for information. This is like me giving you $10,000 in free traffic. I paid $100’s  to learn what I am about to give away to you for free.

There is a science when you create a post in wordpress and you want to make sure you follow this formula.

Recap of Video:

  • Keyword
  • Catagory
  • Title
  • Header
  • Image
  • Use of Keyword – Keyword Density
  • External Links (relevant)
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