Crap! I got Hacked!

Got Hacked

It’s the day of my affiliate launch for Blogging Ingredients and I got hacked!

So I wake up on Wednesday morning and start going through my emails. I open an email from one of my Blogging Ingredient students and he says he is unable to login. All he is getting is a white screen.

Never having seen or encountered this I go to my computer to investigate. I am thinking it could have been something I did last night as I was tweaking some things on my site. So I go to login… blank white screen.

I don’t think anything of it.. and I go to login to my blog that you are currently reading…. blank screen.


Time to do a bit of investigation. I email my web host and get back a reply.

FYI… I have to quickly disclaim this right here…

I’m an affiliate marketer with links to JustHost in this post. When you read what I’ve written about this company and then click on the link and buy something from JustHost, I earn a commission from them.

Now back to my conversation with JustHost customer support. 🙂

“You have what we call the White Screen of Death also known as WSOD. Here are three things you can try…” and it goes on to list three steps I can take.

So of course I go ahead and try those 3 things. Still WSOD. Now I am starting to get a bit nervous. What if I lost everything?????

Next I call my brother the IT nerd, that knows nothing about wordpress because he builds HTML sites. Way above my head….. No help.

Contact a friend that I met at a wordpress event.

(Side Note: Go to and see if there is a wordpress meeting in your area. Attend these. You may not understand everything but a great way to get help when you need it)

He said he could get to it but it wouldn’t be for a couple of hours! 2 hours already felt like forever. I had no blog and my Blogging Ingredients course was down!!! Ugh!

So now my braining is turning… how can I make this a good thing? Well, I will first have to build my Blogging Ingredients course again… no problem. I have all the videos for the course. Now I will just have to write the content and get it up and running for the affiliate launch. Guess this means I am pulling an all nighter!

Blog… Crap… I lost some links but whatever. I can do it again. Time to create my new logo.

My mind was already racing on rebuilding. I wasn’t looking at it like a lose but a rebuild. And then magic happened. Facebook!

So I posted that I was having issues and a friend of mine said to call her husband. So I did. Turns out I got Hacked!

My first thought was… no way. I have security plugin on my wordpress sites. How the heck did I get hacked? But it happened.

The first question I was asked was… do you backup your site? And that is when I fell in love again with my hosting site

As a user of JustHost your site gets backed up for Free every night. This was my saving grace!

So we reset back a day and cleared some code and all was good. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to know that my hosting site had my back.

That moment of thinking I had lost both my sites had me a bit upset but whatever the outcome I was ready to continue to move forward.

A setback is a setback only if you let it be. So a couple of lessons learned that I want to share with you.

1. If they want to hack your site… they will.

2. BACKUP your site! This is a must!

So yeah… even I got hacked, but the good news is I am still blogging and I get to share my experience with you.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    2 replies to "Crap! I Got Hacked!"

    • James

      Hi Katrina,

      I know this feeling! I think my first site was hacked about a year ago and it’s a terrible feeling. Your very first thought is that everything you have worked for is gone! Luckily 9 of our 10 times your WordPress site can be restored with everything intact. I actually just wrote up a very detail post with every step needed to restore a WordPress site if it’s hacked, I hope this can help your readers if they ever have this unfortunate situation happen to them:

      Let me know if there is anything I can answer about the restoration process or about it get can possibly get hacked in the first place.

      • Katrina

        Hi James! I love the resource you provided in your comment. After getting hacked it is interesting to learn where the hole was in my defense. I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you! Hope you have a fantastic New Year and beyond!

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