At the Chef’s Table, I interview entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Krista Bakker, Founder of the Digital Dutchess.

Krista lives in the Netherlands and has built an incredible business supporting entrepreneurs with their digital marketing assets. The tools they need to profit online.

What’s interesting is that Krista never saw herself as an entrepreneur.

Her background is a customer service support manager for IT. And an incident that happened there, had her relook at starting her own business.

Her entrepreneurial journey is what you are eavesdropping on today.

Chef’s Table with Krista Bakker

When you sit down with entrepreneurs, you never know what you will learn. That was the exact experience I had in talking with Krista.

Some of my favorite highlights from this conversation are…

  • Entrepreneurs take massive action – a little secret
  • Dive in and figure it out along the way.
  • Use your strengths to build the business of your dreams
  • The Lowest Point Makes This Happen…
  • Take on a job to help you grow your business (what it can provide for you and your future business)
  • What are Digital Income Producing Assets?

Krista gives some of the best insight and training on the power of Digital Income Producing assets that businesses need to maximize their efforts online.

Connect with Krista Bakker, Founder of Digital Dutchess

You can connect with Krista via her Facebook profile and/or set up a no-obligation call to discover how Krista can support you in building your profitable online assets.


Discovery Call:

Paid vs Organic Leads

Inside of this conversation, Krista Bakker brings up a very powerful conversation about getting leads. Can you still generate leads organically? Or do you have to pay?

This conversation is fascinating to listen to. It might make your jaw drop. Or have you completely disagreeing with her. Where do you stand?

I love having entrepreneurs at the Chef’s table as we can learn so much inside of this conversation. Whether you agree or disagree with Krista, it’s all in your perspective on how you are building your business.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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