Welcome to the Chef’s Table, where I interview entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Each week I sit down with an entrepreneur to have them share their story and how they got started.

Every entrepreneur’s journey is different and how they got started might give you an idea or starting place for your business.

Basically there is no right or wrong way to get started. It’s all about getting started.

Chef’s Table with Hilary De Freitas

Today I’ve invited Social Media Manager & Expert, Hilary De Freitas to talk about how she got started in business and the challenges she faced.

She is a former engineer turned entrepreneur that is now the mother of three and has an amazing husband. Hilary has gone on to build her marketing agency all from a corner in her home. Be inspired if you’ve been thinking about becoming a social media manager.

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Eavesdrop in as we talk about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and the start of her Social Media Agency all while taking care of her family.

What does the journey look like to become a social media manager? What training do you recommend?

Is content creation still recommended? How often should you be creating content?

What is the difference between open and closed digital marketing?

Get all of your questions answered at the Chef’s Table.

Social Media Manager Hilary De Freitas

What drove Hilary to become an entrepreneur was her family. Wanting to be with her family. When she saw more value in being with her family than getting a paycheck from her job.

How did Hilary get started? It might surprise you that she found her space by doing videos on YouTube. Providing training and support for those wanting to learn how to build a business online.

Eavesdrop in on this conversation about content creation, YouTube, and what it takes to build a Social Media Agency. I think you are gonna love this conversation.

Follow Hilary and learn from her. She is a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to begin your journey of being a Social Media Manager.

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Chef Katrina

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