Welcome to the first Chef’s Table. Interviewing entrepreneurs from all walks of life on their journey.

The crazy part is that being an entrepreneur is an ongoing journey. For many of us, it is a lifestyle, the air we breathe, and the energy flowing through our veins. We live for creating and doing something different.

But it’s not easy and at times we wonder what the heck we are doing.

You may or may not know that I am a retired Disney Chef. I had the pleasure of working at Walt Disney World for over 12 years.

When I began on my online journey Chef just followed me. Almost everyone I knew called me Chef and it carried over to my online marketing.

My brand was given to me in the form of Chef Katrina. Over the years I’ve been known for hosting incredible interviews of entrepreneurs for all walks of life and at different points in their journey.

It’s been over 2 years since I last did an interview and as I’ve been catching up with students and those that have listened to my Monday Mojo’s of the past…

I was told how impactful those interviews and training were. How they got people out of being overwhelmed, developed mindset, helped them learn to take action, and something they looked forward to each week.

Hearing that… I knew I had to re-launch and do it on my own terms.

After days of asking my tribe, family, friends… Chef’s Table came to be.

And the first person I called was my friend Dr. Bob Clarke.

Habits and Routines

Welcome to the very first Chef’s Table conversation with entrepreneur Dr. Bob Clarke. He built his business part-time while working a full-time job.

For the last few years, he has been coaching and mentoring other business professionals that want to create a residual income outside of their 9 to 5 job. And I highly recommend him.

So join us in this conversation… Do your Habits and Routines reflect the results you want in your business?

This might be the most real talk you’ve ever heard about being an entrepreneur. Habits are the foundation and doing what it really takes to create habits might be something else.

Eavesdrop in on Chef’s Table and see what you take away. What can you immediately implement into your business?

As a special thank you from Dr. Bob Clarke… he is giving you this gift as he mentioned at the end of our conversation. The Part Time Marketers Success Blueprint.

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Your’s in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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