Chef’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Guide to Social MediaThe guide to social media marketing is different for everyone. Yet at the same time is has the same core principle.

The core principle of social media marketing is to engage and build a community.

Having a community is what makes social media so important, everyone wants to be part of a community. To do that you have engage and build on one single platform at a time. You can’t be everyone at once.

And the reality of that is that you don’t want to be. You will lose your fans if you try to be everywhere…

My Guide to Social Media Marketing Starts right here with this video.

My Guide to Social Media Marketing

It is pretty simple, you can’t have every flame on high and you can’t play on every platform out there. Something will burn and that is not what you want for your business. Pay attention to you fans. And know this…

[Tweet “You have three platforms to choose from: video, audio, or written word. -Gary Vaynerchuk”]

Some of you may use a combination. I like the combination of video and blogging. Both have longer shelf life on the web. Both can be search for SEO and linger for years. Audio is on the rise… podcasting is a great way to share your message.

What ever you decided stick with one until you have mastered it. Until you are bringing in leads and building your community.

Too many times I see people jump from one shiny object to the next.

Guys, can I give you a reality check…..


With technology changing there is always a next best way and I will tell you this… I have seen it all before. To me it is just hype.

Yes, we love hype, we don’t want to miss out!

After being online for the past 6 years I have seen everything cycle through. Did you know that 5 years ago… YouTube was the place to be. Did you know that 3 years ago… You just HAD to be on Twitter?

I went around this circle as a network marketer trying to chase the next pretty lead generation tool. I will tell you right now, you will not move your business forward if you try to chase everything.

As a network marketer you need to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. You need to learn the secrets, tools, and what works on the platform of your choice. Stop trying to be everywhere and just focus on being in one place.

The Recipe Guide for Social Media Marketing

  1. Choose Your Brand – What do YOU want to be known for? Think beyond your MLM opportunity please.
  2. Grab Your Brand – Once you have created YOU, Inc secure your name on all social media sites. (Your not going to use them all but you want them all so that as you gain popularity, someone doesn’t steal your brand from you)
  3. Choose your platform: Audio, Written Word, or Video
  4. Be CONSISTENT – Share daily and let people know what you stand for. Stand for nothing and they will walk all over you.
  5. Be Consistent Over Time – This is not a get rich in 30 days type of business you’re building. This is a marathon with huge rewards. Stop wasting your time in the sprint and settle into the mentality of a marathon.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    7 replies to "Chef’s Guide to Social Media Marketing"

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    • Ruthanne

      Loved your point at 3:38! And the parallels between being a chef and marketing your business through social media is amazing.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Ruthanne! Always looking to make the connection between what I did as a chef and what I do now online. 🙂

    • Heather Cameron

      Love you presentation and message. I so agree with you. It makes a huge difference if you focus on one or two things.

      Then teaching it afterward! Powerful message.

      • Katrina

        Hi Heather! Welcome back. It really is about having focus and blocking out all the noise. There is so much out there. So where do you keep your focus?

    • Joan Harrington

      Love this post, Katrina!! Excellent value!!! 100% agree with you on all 🙂 Engagement is key on social media and a must!

      • Katrina

        Hey Joan, so the question begs to be asked… what platform do you build your business on?

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