Who Does Chef Katrina Consider an Internet Marketing Experts?

There are many internet marketing experts. People who pat themselves on the back and claim full knowledge.

But for me the true internet marketing expert are the ones who give back. Who empower those around them to greatness.

You can achieve so much more when you are willing to share you knowledge and struggles.

My Favorite Internet Marketing Experts…

Mike Dillard Internet Marketing ExpertsMy #1 Leader/Mentor is Mike Dillard – His course Magnetic Sponsoring ignited my passion for online marketing. The reality of attraction marketing for network marketers was never so profound as it was in this course. Mike’s primary goal is to help network marketers make money.

He teaches the Alpha code and the ability to have people pay your whether they join you in your network marketing company or not. He talks about affiliate marketing and helping others. We shares the concept of a sales funnel and how that can have you making 6-8 figures in about 18 months. But Mike also talks about how it has to be consistent. It has to be from the heart. People know when they are being sold and when they are being given the tools to success.

Some of you will say it is fake, false, phoney, but I have bought ever course written by Mike Dillard and his team. I believe in the value he shares and know beyond a shadow of doubt that he wants you to succeed! Hie passion is contagious and his gift of knowledge is what he shares with you.

In Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike reveals the lies and half truths that are holding you back from growing your business. I encourage you to breakthrough the misconceptions and learn what it takes to take your business to the next level.

Internet Marketing Experts#2 Michelle Pescosolido – Facebook Queen
The first time I met Michelle was at a My Lead System Pro Event called ‘Live the Dream’. I had gotten an email about this event and I was at a very low point in my life. I didn’t have much money but the event was in my own backyard… Orlando. So I got the funds together and paid to attend this event all because I knew that someone was going to be taking about facebook marketing. That was something I desperately wanted to learn.

Michelle got up on stage and presented the money map for using facebook pay per click to generate leads. It was brilliant. The course she offered literally walks you through creating your first fan page. How to build your fan page and increase your fans. How to use PPC to build your business and not spend a lot of money doing it. It is so complete that anyone can use it. The information is always updated and she is truly dedicated to helping you build your business with facebook. She is kind, passionate, and very giving. The course she offers is Social Media Mastery.

This has been the best investment I have ever made in learning how to profit with facebook. I highly recommend investing the time and money to move your business forward. It comes with a money back guarantee. Now that is pretty cool!

I still have many more favorite internet marketing experts but I will leave that for another post or two.

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