7 Cools Business Building Tools with Google Hangout

Recently I have been playing a lot on Google Hangout! I love the “google juice” and really enjoying a lot of the tools and SEO that Google can offer.

For some they will curse the Google gods and swear that Google is out to get them. Some would say the same thing about Facebook. LOL!

But I wanted to share with you one the coolest tools I have been using to build my business. They call it a Google Hangout.Google Hangout

Now recently Google+ changed the layout of their pages. Now it looks like a cross between Facebook/Pintrest/Twitter.

Seriously! All these platforms are now a perfect blend on Goolge+… yet I get sidetracked…

So back to Google Hangout… now you can have just a regular hangout (or a party) or an On Air Hangout.

What is the difference? One lets you do a LIVE recording and have it broadcast along your business platforms. The party just lets you hang out with friends… no recording.

Here is a quick video I did talking about Google Hangouts and 7 really cool things you can use them for!

Google Hangout

7 Really Cool things you can do with your Hangout.

Some of them will give you food for thought!

How about hosting a live coffee chat every morning?

Share a presentation with your business builders with screen share.

And the coolest part is that Google Hang outs are free. So just go and have fun!

Yours in Gratitude,
Chef Katrina

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