Who Is Chef Katrina?

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"Am I really a Chef?"

Yup, I'm really a Chef. Worked up through the ranks of the Walt Disney World kitchens. Started as an hourly line dog, working the hotlines, getting my butt kicked. I have the burn and cut marks to prove my worth as a Chef.

In one kitchen I invented the "tasting spoon", getting all the ingredients of a dish on one small spoon to have the experience of what our customers should experience with each bite of a dish. It was a party in your mouth kind of experience.

After rising in the ranks to Sous Chef, I realized that the kitchen wasn't for me and went on a mission to go from Full Time to Part Time to No Time.

During my part time phase, I opened and closed a restaurant after nine amazing months of entrepreneurship. I learned a lot in both my success and failure of that business.

When I sat down with my business partner to talk about our next adventure, I said that the thing that I felt was missing was understanding local marketing.

How do small business owners harness social media and the internet to gain more exposure and customers?

This has become my mission and passion project to answer. Getting the right information, training, tools and opportunity to you.

So thank you for stumbling across my blog and taking the time to invest in your education and business. I know you don't always have time for it and I appreciate you taking these few moments to even read this rambling. 😎


  • Digital Marketeer

    Sharing my personal tips for building online and marketing your business. From beginner to business, I’ve got a lot to share having mentored over 7,000 entrepreneurs!

  • Connect The Dots

    No, not the game… Your Mindset! How to put your business together from all the puzzle pieces you find online. Plus master the mindset of an Entrepreneur… ‘We just think differently’.

  • Pinterest Training

    How to be a professional Digital Marketeer on Pinterest. From Pin to Promoted Pin… Get Your Business on Pinterest NOW!

    (seriously… no joke, get your business account set up and read my darn Pinterest blog posts! 😉😘)

  • Tools & Resources

    Access to Recommend Tools and Resources for the Entrepreneur. (Sneak Peak of tools and resources I’ve use to build my online business) 👀

  • Ideas For Action

    Every blog post will have some sort of action you can take and apply to your business. (Or you can ignore it completely)

  • Open Conversation

    There will be written or video humor, fun, and training. Oh… and this is not a one sided conversation, you can comment and give feedback.

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Nothing bumps me faster from a website than the crazy amount of ads that interrupt my consumption of good information and training.

You also won't get any religious or political posts... you have an point a of view, I have a point of view... let's just leave it at that. Deal?

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My Mission...


To make an impact in the world by leaving this Legacy...

  • To Mentor & Support 500,000 Entrepreneurs In My Life Time Through Training, Local Events, Masterminds, Networking, and Sharing From Stage. I'm out to support the NEXT Generation of Entrepreneurs!
  • Giving Back: There are two charities at this time that have my heart. The first is Heifer International. I've been giving for over 5 years now. What they do is amazing. The 2nd is Veterans 3 Gun. This is a non profit, full flow through, organization in the battle to combat Veteran suicide. With many family members in the Military I've seen first hand how much this organization is needed.

A portion of all my sales from my own digital products and mentorship go to these two charities. I believe in paying it forward. I've been blessed in my journey as an entrepreneur and I've always believed that giving is the first starting point of embracing the truth of being an entrepreneur.

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