It’s not only your privacy… it’s your kids privacy too that is at risk too.

Social media has always been a love hate relationship with me. Going back 15 years when I first got start in with digital marketing I found myself loving social media for business… and hating it for personal use.

I realized early on that being on an app was not how I wanted to live my life. I enjoy being outside. I enjoy talking to people. We were told that Social Media would bring us closer together… but if you look around, it’s done a better job of dividing us. You against them. This or That.

Social Media has given you rose colored glasses that only align with your point of view…

…don’t believe me? Keep reading.

The Fight Over Your Privacy Has Begun

Let’s just say that for the last decade Social Media giants like Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook), Twitter, and Google have been collecting data on every click and second that you spend online on their platforms.

The algorithm that everyone talks about is actually YOU. Your habits, your clicks, and how long you spend reading a post, watching a video or listening to a podcast.

You’ve been creating an A.I. avatar on Social Media that has only one goal. How to keep you on the website longer and how to get you to buy something or click on an ad.

That’s it.

Not only that but if you haven’t watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix… I highly recommend it. You will learn things like how you are being manipulated by these so call Social Media platforms that want to help you connect with your family and friends.

The goal… create a 1% change in your thinking and belief system. Do this enough times and you can be made to believe lots of things that you told yourself that you would never believe. (Scary and true)

How are they doing this… by collecting your habits, your posts, your interest, your likes, your comments, your live videos, what you share, what groups you join… all of it is data that they are harvesting and then selling to those that are running ads on Facebook.

Actually they are doing this across every free digital media platform, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and many others. If it is free to use, I promise they are collecting data on you.

So HOW do you protect yourself? That is what we are going to explore next. The privacy feud.

Facebook vs Apple: Privacy Feud

First off, lets chat about Ad tracking across the internet.

Ever notice that creepy ad that stalks you? You know… the one where you are on a website and then you go to social media… then voila! There is an ad about what you were just looking at!


This is called offsite ad tracking. This is how you are stalked across the internet. See this ad until you buy!

Gotta love this brave new digital world we are in right?!

Now for the Apple vs Facebook feud.

The iPhone maker rolled out an update to their iOS14 operating system back in May 2021 that prompts you to give permission to apps to track your activity across other apps and the web.

You are now in control of the data that companies have access to. Apple gave you back the right to control how much information is collected about your activities on the internet. (YAY) You can now choose if you want companies to track you after leaving their site and to continue showing you ads.

And this totally PISSED Facebook off! This one change is how Apple is giving you back your privacy rights that threaten Facebook’s source of $86 billion in annual revenue.

Facebook needs to be able to track you on and off their site. This is their promise to those that spend Ad dollars on running Facebook Ads. The more information Facebook has about you and your habits, they sell to those wanting to run ads, saying that they can get you (advertisers) in front of a VERY targeted audience that is most likely to buy what they have to offer.

Facebook is collecting and selling your privacy to the highest bidder.

I highly recommend that you take a moment and read this article about this feud.

Facebook vs Apple: Here’s what you need to know about their privacy feud.

It’s time that you were made aware of what is really going on and how it effect you as both a customer and a business owner.

Now What? Next Steps…

Privacy is your right. Yes, you want to share pictures and updates with family and friends but is social media the best place to do it? Or are there other ways of staying in touch?

Does Social Media have the right to sell your privacy? What are your thoughts?

I personally think that it’s better to pay to access platforms that don’t sell my information or try to manipulate me with an A.I algorithm to chance by behavior by 1%.

So what’s next for your privacy.

Here are a few platforms that are changing the social landscape:

  • MeWe (pronounced Me We) – is calling itself the anti Facebook. Here you will find a format similar to what you are currently using. You can post, do videos, chat with friends, create groups… all things you currently do but without the ads or tracking. Feel free to connect with me over there.
  • Gab – Champion for Free Speech – This has a similar look and free of Twitter without the censorship

and I’m sure there are more to come.

What am I focused on next…

It’s time to reset and refocus on what’s important for business builders. There is a ton of information and crappy information out on the internet.

Overnight guru’s (who were Clubhouse experts months ago, Bitcoin experts weeks ago, and now turned Marketing experts) are spewing out random advice that has never stood the test of time and just doesn’t work.

Which is why I’m launching Truth Bomb Marketing.

I’m building on the three pillars of what it takes to own your business online. Stop being controlled and censored by digital media and start having an original voice!

  • Blogging – OWN your online real estate. Develop your Voice. Build your audience. Do all of this without censorship or being jailed because of your activities!
  • Digital Product Creation – Start selling and stop giving away free. Learn how to build your own products in just a few days. You can create… Coaching, ebooks, cheat sheets, courses, video training, workbooks, workshops, and so much more. Learn how to start creating an income from the moment you own your digital Real Estate.
  • Funnel Recipe – If they tell you that funnels are dead, they are LYING to you. Every single action you take around buying is built around a funnel. Both in the physical world and the digital world. Learn how to design a funnel that is right for your business.

I’ve built this training for you. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the last 15 years and I promise you… this formula always works. This is what the gurus know and this is what they are not teaching you.

Yes, we have better tools and innovations… NOW it is time to show you how to bring this all together. Ready to join me on this adventure? Grab your spot to learn more.

Did you get value from today’s post? Please share on your favorite social platform. Let’s make some waves together.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

    6 replies to "Truth Bomb: Your Privacy is at Risk if you choose to keep using Social Media"

    • Heidi Albertson

      Manipulation in any form is disgusting. After watching The Social Dilemma and The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines it has become very clear how FB and other Social media giants are controlling more than we realize or acknowledge.

      • Katrina

        the other part of that conversation is why don’t they want us to know that they are doing it? Why is our data harvest being buried in the depths of their privacy policy and terms & conditions? And are we taking responsibility for what we are posting and doing on social media? #foodforthought

    • Jeff

      Powerful stuff my friend. I feel a little like David vs Goliath with the content you are releasing and giving people like myself to be better educated. The masses simply do not know (or choose to ignore it – Not my problem kind of attitude. ) I also feel like I have joined the Rebel Alliance soooo…. May the force be with you. 😉

      • Katrina

        LOL.. I am one with the Force and the Force is with me! (what movie?) Education is key and for too long we’ve been mindless about our interaction with social media. I’m just shedding some light. 🙂

    • Cecelia

      I always thought something was fishy when stuff started showing up in my news feed now I know why!!!

      • Katrina

        It’s all about retargeting and the ability to track you anywhere on the internet. This doesn’t just affect FB, but they are the loudest in their complaint against Apple. 😉

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