Can Elite Marketing Pro Build Your MLM?

Okay, so what is Elite Marketing Pro and why should you care?

Elite Marketing Pro and MLMElite Marketing Pro is the first system put together by Magnetic Sponsoring to teach you how to become an elite marketing pro.

Like many of you I got into network marketing with the hope of building my business to 6-figures but it was harder than I thought.

For the past 6 years I have been trying to figure out how to build my business online. If you are anything like me you chased and bought a lot of shiny objects. You know a course that would teach you how to generate leads. Maybe bought a course that would show you how to market on Facebook. Could be the course that would teach me how to become a master recruiter? Or was it the affiliate program that said they would teach me how to generate leads and make money.

So many promises and yet 6 years later I have spent more money than I have made and was frustrated. I really just wanted to throw in the towel but something stopped me. There had to be something that I was missing.

I actually went back to the first course I ever purchased to learn online marketing, a course called, “Magnetic Sponsoring“. I really enjoyed what I learned about attraction marketing and I was bound to start applying what I was learning.

Then something cool happened… Tim Erway sent me an invite to be a beta member for Elite Marketing Pro. All he had was a vision of what he wanted Elite Marketing Pro to become and some of the tools that would become available to us. And on that information alone I joined.

I became part of a very small group of people that began developing and create Elite Marketing Pro. We demanded training and help and Tim and the Magnetic Sponsoring team went to work for us.

Can Elite Marketing Pro help you build your MLM?

Yes, it can. You will learn how to become a pro marketer and as you go through this training you will be paid as you learn.

This is the first time I have ever had a lead generation company pay me to generating leads that want to learn more about my opportunity.

Can I share my results with you. This is from May 2013 – July 2013.

In May, Elite Marketing Pro rolled out. I sort of dabbled in it as I was learning just what it meant to drive traffic. A key component I had been missing for years.

On June 1st, 2013, I committed to putting into action what I was learning with Elite Marketing Pro.

These are my results with Magnetic Sponsoring creators of Elite Marketing Pro System…

May 2013 – $132.16 – Trying to figure out what I was doing
June 2013 – $156.16 – Sharing Elite Marketing Pro and Magnetic Sponsoring
July 2013 – $511.54 – Most I have ever made in 6 years, even with my MLM
August 2013 – I am on track to clear over $1000+

These are my results with my MLM

June 2013 – One new distributor – he is already building his team. 🙂
July 2013 – One new distributor
August 2013 – will keep you posted.

Having gone from no business to finally building my business, I have been blessed. I have am learning how easy it is to do follow up with social media. Have the opportunity to share these tools with my team means more success for them.

It’s not for everyone but this is working for me and I like having an extra income stream.

If you have never marketed before you may have a longer learning curve. Not everyone has these results, my friend Rebecca made $16,000 in 90 day. My other friend Brian has made $40 in 60 days. So it depends on how well you use the system. If you apply you will have results.

As a bonus, if you join my team you will have access to my private mastermind group on facebook and weekly google+ hangouts. This is a support system that will help you grow your business and guide you through the Elite Marketing Pro System.

Here is a quick video that I wanted to share with you.

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    • Anita

      congrats on your success with Elite Marketing Pro. I am an Elite Affiliate with Magnetic Sponsoring. So much info is shared. I am glad it is working for you. Have a great weekend.

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