Building Relationships Online – Can It Be Done?

building relationshipsHad a friend tell me today that building relationships online is not the same as a face to face conversation. I have to disagree.

I think you can build incredible relationships online in the business world. There are so many tools to make it happen and if use the right way you can connect to a lot more people face to face.

So let me share a couple of tools you can use to help increase your business online. These are fun and I use all of them!

3 Face to Face Options for Building Relationships online.

1. Skype – Great tool for meetings and catching up with family! I love the simplicity of this tool. You can also create chat rooms for groups so that you are always up to date. There is both free and paid subscriptions. I tend to use skype for international calls since it doesn’t cost to do so. Again, it is all about extending your reach. There is an app for you phone, which makes this a great alternative to paying for international calls.

2. Google Hangouts – Get up to 9 of your friends on one hangout. I love Google Hangouts for interviews, presentations, and connecting with people. You can screen share with Google Hangouts and you can share videos and just have fun. I love how easy it is to use. I have been able to have a hangout anywhere because I can also do it through my phone! Heck I even did a presentation in my car, parked of course, and that was a blast.

3. Join.Me – Free screen share that just added the option to record. With this tool you can actually take control of each others computers. This is a great tool if you are helping people with technical stuff on their web page or blog. You can walk them through or even show them how. I have used this to help others with their blog and getting the right plugins. I have also used this for online presentations. There is both the free and paid version to this. Have used them both!  (this one is not quite face to face but love this and had to share)

Sharing a quick video with you on the power of building relationships online.

Building relationships online is becoming more and more of the norm

We are in a technology age where these tools have become accessible to us. Does it replace the face to face meeting. Nope.

Quick story. I have been working with another distributor in my network marketing company. We have used one the tools above but there was nothing like meeting face to face at conference this past weekend. We had built such a fantastic relationship online that it was like meeting an old friend when we met. I loved the time I spent with him and his wife but I would have never have met him it if wasn’t for the power of the internet and the tools that allowed us to connect face to face online.

Building relationships online is one of the ways to build your business. I use attraction marketing to generate leads and then connect with those leads via facebook, youtube, twitter, and google+. I love meeting people from all around the world because then I have a reason to go visit. This is the power of the internet. Connecting people through conversation and face to face tools.

Would love to know what tools you are using online to build relationships.


    7 replies to "Building Relationships Online – Can It Be Done"

    • Lisa Mallis

      Thanks for the great post! I love that with online solutions we are not tethered by geography. I agree – nothing takes the place of a face-to-face in person meeting, but you can certainly go a long way when building relationships using social media and visual options. I’ve yet to try Google Hangouts – but it’s on my list!!!

      Great info as always!


      • Katrina

        Thank you Lisa. I am loving google hangouts. I use it for all my follow up and introductions. It is easy and fun to play on. I am enjoying building some amazing relationships online. So cool to met so many different people.

    • Love your message about connecting! I have built my entire business online! I speak a lot and have been dipping my toe into the video space this month with the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. Thank you for giving us your list of tools!! I’m also learning how to “hangout” – this is a new growth area for me!

      • Katrina

        I encourage you to go play with video. Such a powerful tool and I am loving it. I get a lot of leads from video! Have a blessed day!

    • Sheri Kaye Hoff

      Some of my closest relationships I have now- I have not even met them in person. Thank you for an informative post- I had not heard of “join me” before…

      • Katrina

        Thank you so much for taking time to read this post Sheri. is a great tool and I do enjoy using it. Discovered it when I was looking to do webinars and not spend a fortune doing it. Inspired to know that this does work!

    • Kathy Hadley

      HA! OMG!
      Could I write a book about this!

      Let’s see, back in 2004 met a billionaire, yes a billionaire, on a investing forum that ended up doing several joint ventures with me offline.

      Have met many people on other forums and on facebook that have gotten me book deals and interviews and radio spots and magazine columns….

      I just want to know, WHO was this friend who told you this couldn’t be done!? AND
      have they ever tried it!

      MOST of my clients and business interactions come from social networks these days.



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