Building RelationshipsCan you build a relationship online with people you don’t know?

So I am at the hospital today, my best friend is having surgery on her shoulder.

Short story, she was hit back in April by a driver that took off the nose of her car. She suffered some shoulder and neck issues and has been going through some thearaphy.

Not getting any results from that… they decided on surgery to find out what was going on with her shoulder.

As I write this she is right now under the knife and I am sittig her with her husband and mother. Hopefully she will be out soon. Will post details on FB if you want to know the updates.

So what does all this have to do with building relationships?

Well, my best friend was handed a stack of paperwork to fill out. The first couple of questions were on whom to contact if anything occured.

Then they ask… what is the relationship?

This got me thinking…

How do we classify relationships? Am I building a relationship with you right now? If I were to fill out a form about our relationship what would I say?

Do I know who is reading my posts? Do I care? How can I better serve you if I don’t know you?

I hope you do know that I care and I am always curious to know more about you and how I can better serve you through my blog post.

Can we build a Relationship online?

A few days ago I was having this exact same disucssion with my mom. She claims that people her age don’t use online marketing. That they prefer to meet people face to face.

Is that still true today, in a world of technology, video calls, and skype?

I am going to admit, I still look forward to meeting my fans and clients in person. The internet is great but there is nothing like meeting in person.

With that being said, I think you can still build amazing relationships online and create events where you get to meet in person.

How to build relationship online

  • Create a blog – Become a voice online and use your blog to help you share your message.
  • Use Goolge+ Hangouts. It may not make up for a physical meeting but you can build amazing relationships.
    An example would be my business partner and friend Chef Doug DeMecurio. We never met in person but through the power of Google+ hangouts, we planned and successfully co-hosted the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Fast Start Challenge One of the most powerful training’s I have ever created and it was all masterminded and planned via Google+ hangouts.
  • Engage on Social media – don’t just post but go out and look to start conversations with people. Engage them where they are at. You never know what friendships will form.
  • Be curious about people. Be willing to ask and listen. Don’t talk and ignore people.

I recently learned that I was not open to feedback. Actually I am a bit nervous about feedback and always wonder how people are judging me. A fear I know I shouldn’t have, but I do. I still care what people think.

When people say I shouldn’t care… it is easier said than done.

At the end of the day, I do care about people and my joy comes from watching my clients master the art of online marketing. At my heart I am a teacher.

In all my years of being a Chef my greatest joy was watching my culinary crew grow and learn. As they improve, so do I.

So do you think we can build a relationship online? Do you think it’s possible? Then subscribe to my blog and let’s work on building our relationship. How can I better serve you?

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    2 replies to "Building the Relationship Online"

    • Mary Yohn

      I have some disabilities. I have some time requirements and that is why I am concerned about the time commitment on your course. I want to learn how to attract leads for my business. I am not familiar with some of the terms that you use. I don’t know how I would direct people to my website. I am not sure what I am looking for to be honest. Your return comment was so pleasant if it was to me and I’m not sure I could write such a nice return to someone.

      • Katrina

        A disability should never keep you from living your life Mary. Looking at your site, there is a lot of potential to grow. As for a time commitment with Blogging Ingredients, it’s done at your pace, it’s a self paced course. Ask questions as you need to during our live group training. We are all here to support and help you.

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