blog purposeAs a network marketer many of us use a company replicated website. Why? Because it is easy, lazy, and really  does nothing for your business.

A harsh reality but so very true.

Using a replicated company site does not give your prospect an opportunity to find out more about you.

Usually all it has is some company information, product information, and maybe an about you section.

It does nothing to help you stand out. You just become a blur in the sameness.

So how do you break out and stand out in your network marketing opportunity? How do you get people to join you?

Create a blog. To learn how to do this check out my Blogging Ingredients course.

The Purpose of  Your Blog

Creating a network marketing blog is what makes all the difference in your business.

  1. It builds YOU, Inc – Your Brand
  2. Give you credibility and authority
  3. Builds a List that you own and not your companies
  4. Is your online Real Estate
  5. Your #1 asset to helping you create multiple streams of income online.

How do you achieve all of this?

By using your blog to teach, train, and provide information that your audience is looking for. Here is a quick question for you.

What do you want to be known for? How can your blog help you achieve that?

Example: To help more women become stay at home moms through building a home business online using a blog.

My blog would then have information about how to join a home business. Maybe information on what it takes to leave a job. How to create a blog. Training about my opportunity.

The focus is not only on my companies products and opportunity, but how to really build a business.

More people are looking for help building a business. They want to join someone they can trust and that will help them. We don’t join a product, we join the person who introduced us to the product because of the story that connected the product to our lives.

Use your blog to tell your story and become a leader by providing value with your blog. How do you provide value, by investing in yourself.

Invest in courses to shorten your learning curve, like Blogging Ingredients. My blogging course that can help you start blogging today.

Also invest in yourself with books on mindset, marketing strategies, motivational, and the list goes on. Attend live events, go to networking events in your area, and make it a point to talk to people. Engage and be engaging.

At the end of the day, having your own brand and blog makes you extremely unique in a sea of sameness. Who would you join?

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So what is keeping you from blogging? Share you comment below. I would love to hear from you and answer it in an upcoming blog post.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    3 replies to "What is Your Blogs Purpose As A Network Marketer?"

    • John Gates

      Great material and spot on. I did set up my own blog and website. Well worth it. Are you taking guest bloggers. If so, can I add you to my list?

      John Gates

    • Jaye Carden

      I have to agree that the replicated websites are not moving a business anywhere. It doesn’t have a CTA, and many don’t even have a capture form. So all the reasons you mention to have a blog, are real!

      • Katrina

        How did I forget to mention call to action and capture form! Both are crucial in the world of blogging! Love your input Jaye!

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