What are the Blogging Truths you need to know as a network marketer?

The reality is that everything changed in 2020 as everyone headed home and began to work from home. For the first time in history, we all found ourselves at home. With the exception of the few that were deemed “critical”.

This work from home or going home with no job created an economic crisis that we are still recovering from. And the good news is that network marketing is still seeing an increase of new people joining this industry almost every day.

What does this mean for you?


What else changed that you need to be aware of… (watch video)

What Are the Three Blogging Truths You Should Know

I know, I know… my humor gets you every time.

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What Your Blog Can Do For You

  1. Building on a Budge? Blogging is the least expensive advertising method you can find.
  2. Years of searchability. Get in front of your idea customer and future team members
  3. Proven system for building lifetime influence. Meaning you will continue to create a lifetime of endless leads and customers for your business.

The initial expense of blogging is FAAAAAAAAAR cheaper than any other marketing platform. While I’ve worked with top earns that have spent thousands of dollars on FB ads and YouTube ads, the best advertising platform is owning your own site.

When you help others and share what you are learning on your journey as an entrepreneur, you build a following, a tribe, and then an incredible team. It all starts with a blog.

Learn the skill, invest in yourself, take action, and teach others. My simple fork, spoon mindset. When you invest in yourself (feed yourself) and then turn around and share with others (spoon of service), you change the world and make it better.

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I look forward to seeing you on the playground!

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