Blogging Tips – Secret Ingredients

So the long and the short of it is that blogging is hard and it takes some work.

You are going to have to research your keywords. You are going to have to write content. You are going to have to self promote.  And you have your work cut out for you.

On the flip side of all that, blogging can be a lot of fun.

There are plenty of blogging tips our there for you to search on your own. Could be a huge waste of your time. Your efforts need to be focused on what makes you money, not what wastes your money and time.

Sharing some insight with you today with this video. “Why I believe blogging to be a very valuable tool if you are looking to build your business or make money online.”

Blogging Tips:

  1. Did you know that  your posts can continue to make you money years from now? 
  2. Did you know that an email campaign is a must if you expect to make money with your blog? I recommend
  3. Did you know that you need to have certain plugins for social media, security, and seo?

I want to make sure you have the tool to be successful, this is why I offer 1:1 coaching with Blogging Ingredients. I want to make sure that you are wildly successful with your blog. The better you do, the better I feel! 🙂

Thanks for hanging out with me today. Hope you have a beautiful day and I will see you on the next blog post!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    2 replies to "Blogging Tips – Secret Ingredients"

    • David Foster

      Hey Katrina! Nice post! I have been blogging full time for many years. It was blogging that actually lead me to where I am today. I STILL love doing it. It is fun when you write about what you love.

      Thanks and keep em coming!

      • Katrina

        Thanks David. I believe blogging is a very powerful tool. It helps you define your thoughts and ideas and connect you will all sorts of people. I promise to keep them coming! Enjoy following you and learning from you also!

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