Chef is Paying it Forward

Paying it forwardIsn’t time to start paying it forward?

This was a question I began to ask myself earlier this month. And it got me thinking of how I can do something different.

I always talk about giving back and helping others and then it hit me! I can do both. I can help people achieve success online through my blogging course and then I can take a percentage of my profits and give them to my favorite charity!

So I am sharing with you the non-negotiable for making this idea into reality, but I need your help.

For the entire month of February I am giving 20% of my profits from my Blogging Ingredients course to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

The Goal for Paying It Forward

The goal I have in mind for this month is to donate $5000 to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

How to achieve this goal is the fun part. Now I am a numbers girl so I had to figure out how many courses I need to sell to reach this goal.


Course cost with all bonuses: $297

20% of course is: $59.40

Number of Blogging Ingredients Courses I need to sell: 85

Today is the 12th… I have sold one course already… so now I just need 84.

Which mean I need to have anywhere from 5-6 people a day helping to pay if forward.

Do You Believe In Paying It Forward?

Do you know anyone that could benefit from learning how to build their business online? Any home business owner that is not turning a profit with online marketing?

Blogging Ingredients is built on video training with personal follow up. I believe that you should always have someone to ask the question to.

To learn more about Blogging Ingredients, I have put together a 56 minute training webinar, that reveals some of my biggest blogging secrets. Enjoy~

Now it is time to learn more about the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

This is a foundation that was established back in 1995. It is named after Dr. Theodore Kalogris  and next year we celebrate 20 years of helping men, women, and children all around the world receive food, medicine, and education.

“Be ashamed to die until you have scored a victory for mankind,” Dr. Ted’s father advised him when he was still young, a motto that inspired Dr. Ted to start on a mission to help combat hunger. Dr. Ted’s passion, combined with Reliv Chairman, President and CEO Robert Montgomery’s vision, launched Reliv’s mission to nourish our world.

[Tweet “Be Ashamed to Die Until You Have Scored a Victory for Mankin. – Dr. Ted, Reliv”]

I am truly blessed to be part of a network marketing company that finds so many different ways to give back. We were recognized by Pope John Paul II for our humanitarian efforts. Reliv distributors and the president of Reliv had a private audience with him in 1996.

Dr Ted Reliv Paying it forward


There is even more to learn about the Kalogris Foundation and Reliv. Please visit my site by clicking HERE

I am excited to be paying it forward and helping out so many children and families around the world. If you would like to take part and benefit not only your business but a good cause, get your hands on this FREE blog training webinar… Blogging Ingredients Webinar!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Laurel Regan

      Wishing you all the best in reaching your goal! Thanks for sharing this information.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Laurel! I am excited about giving back and helping others achieve their goals!

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