Blogging with ChefI often get the question, “Is blogging dead or over saturated?”

And my reply is still the same today as it was when I first started blogging.

To write content, engage your audience, and make a difference is very much needed. There is a demand for current and relevant content.

Many of us don’t want to write a blog because it takes too much time and mental energy. It requires us to share our knowledge and education. It demands that we pass the torch…

I know we are in an instant demand world. We have the ability to order what we want, watch what we want, and go where we want at the touch of a button. But instant gratification dims over time and we are left wondering why there is nothing substantial in our lives.

For your business to thrive, you can’t be an instant success. You will burn out faster than a shooting star across the horizon.

What you truly want to embrace for long-term growth and income is a platform that will pay you for months or years to come.

This platform is your blog. Your home online real estate.

Let me share with you what your Blogging Ecosystem looks like for 2019 and beyond.

Starting Your Blog

Getting started with your blog is going to take a bit of technical knowledge. Let me break down what you are going to need to and why.

First off, get yourself a self-hosted blogging site. Whatever you do, DON’T use or Tumblr or blogger… Not if you plan on doing marketing for a network marketing business.

The most popular blogging software is To use this software you are going to need a few other pieces.

  1. Domain & Hosting: These actually go together. You will need to choose your domain for your business. Think beyond the current network marketing/direct sales company you work for. Look to do more self branding. Over the last 10 years I have seen hundreds of people change companies or directions. Branding with your name often is the best option.
    • My Recommended choice for both getting a domain name and hosting is
    • I found JustHost after my previous hosting site was hacked. They are perfect for us bloggers and network marketers.
    • Their customer support is amazing and they walk you through the process of installing WordPress onto your new site. Love that they do this!
  2. Theme: Choosing a theme as a network marketer is important. While you may not have all the skills or knowledge yet, you want a theme that you can grow with and help you create your business. You want a theme that will allow you to blog, build capture pages, add tracking, connect to Aweber (email autoresponder), and basically use as a marketing tool.
    • My recommended theme is Thrive – This is a powerhouse tool that is easy to learn and use.
    • It allows you to create amazing blog posts with its drag and drop technology.
    • Pre-done capture page templates so that you can begin creating as soon as possible.
    • Integration with Aweber and other email autoresponders.

Now that you have the basics in place we can talk a bit about the Ecosystem that gets created when you start blogging.

Blogging Ecosystem

Blogging Ecosystem

Above is an image of a blogging Ecosystem and it begins in the middle with the arrow that points both ways between blog content and social media.

See, the power of blogging is that the content has a much longer shelf-life if you will because it can be shared and repurposed over time.

Let’s see how this would look. 

  1. Write Content aka Blog Post (this could be written, video, podcast…)
  2. Email your list letting them know you have new content, training, offer, etc for them
  3. If there is an offer on your blog post (highly recommended) you could make a few bucks!
  4. Share to YOUR social media sites! Let your fans know you have new content to share!
  5. Your fans like your content and share to THEIR social media sites! (Whoop! Whoop!)

The PPC (pay per click) could be any form of advertising. Pinterest is my favorite with Facebook coming a close second. And you have other options like Twitter, Google Ads, Instagram, etc. Pick the one you feel most comfortable wanting to advertise on.

At the end of the day, having your own blog is like having your own Real Estate online and a way to continual get paid or recruit people into your business.

While this isn’t the fastest way, the longevity of doing this can surpass the instant gratification of paid advertising… unless of course, you are using Pinterest… then you have the perfect blend of longevity and instant marketing. You can learn more by watching this free training on Pinterest that I put together for you.

I hope you got value out of today blog post. Would love to hear your thoughts by sharing your comments below!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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