BloggingBlogging by definition means to write daily. It is a continuous diary of life events, training, education, and knowledge.

Most bloggers get started because they want to write down their thoughts or ideas. But for those in the MLM industry your blog needs to be more than just a personal journal of your life… it needs to be a personal journal of your business.

As a blogging coach and creator of Blogging Ingredients, 90% of my blogging students are in the MLM industry.

The first thing we focus on in my blogging course is who are you talking to? Who are you looking to connect with?

Many of us are taught that everyone is a prospect for our opportunity, but we know this is a lie.

I have no interest in learning about car fuel or cleaning supplies. It’s not on my list of things that I get excited about selling. So I am not a good prospect for that section of the MLM industry.

Think about the different MLM’s you have been introduced to? What turned you off from one, but made you join the current one you are in?

This is the thought process I have my blogging student go through. Begin with the end in mind.

Starting Your Blog

Most people freak out when they think about creating a blog. Some start and get so lost in the technical side that then never even get started. And then there are the few the feel everything has to be PERFECT before they can even begin.

Just so you know… Every blogger will tell you that their blog needs work. It’s like owning a house, you always want to update or change something.

That is also the joy of blogging… your blog grows with you.

My good friend Ruthanne did a blog post on choosing the right domain for your blog… You should read this, it’s pretty funny.

It made me take a hard look at the name of my blog for sure! LOL

But choosing your domain is the keystone of your blog. My advice.

1. Personal Branding – Go with your name or a version of your name. People are always looking up people. I highly recommend this if you are a network marketer. Brand yourself first… and NOT the company you are with.

2. Product/Industry – Do your keyword tool research. Find words that are searched often in the niche you want to be in. (This is covered indepth inside my blogging course)

What to Blog About

Honestly, I wish someone had share this with me when I first got started in my MLM…. My blog would be jammed full of training, insight, and education.

If you are new to your MLM company… Blog about your experience. What was it like to join your MLM? Why did you do it? What was the investment?

Then go on to tell of your experience and maybe a few of your friends. Interview each other with the use of Google+ hangouts and share those interviews on your blog.

Reveal any training you are getting or books you are reading. Document your business as you are doing business. Did you do a presentation and the prospect said no? Yes?

Are you going through any online training courses to learn about internet marketing? Are you applying them? What have been your results? What did you like, what didn’t you like?

As a network marketer you are in constant education mode with the ability to use your blog to build your MLM business.

You can do training about your MLM back office, how to order products, what to work towards, and recognition. You honestly have an endless array of topics of which you can write and share.

Use your blog as your business journal, letting others know the journey you are on and how they can join you.

You would be shocked at the number of people that click that Join-Katrina button above to learn more about the business I am in. Talk about rejection free recruiting!

Blogging to Build Your MLM

It begins with you starting today… and focusing on helping other on their journey to freedom. Use your blog to teach and educate. In doing that you draw bees to honey!

Do reviews on your products and create training that shows people the best way to get started in your business.

Last but not least… TELL people why joining your team is the best decision they can make. You already have their attention with your blog… tell them you can show them how to do the same. You may not know it all but every expert was once a beginner.

If you are serious about learning the right way to blog for your MLM opportunity then grab Blogging Ingredients today. I promise to help and guide you and with access to my weekly LIVE Q&A sessions you never go it alone.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden







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    • ketan chhabani

      very nice information you shared about network marketing blog reasons…thank you so much it is really useful for all…actually we provide best network marketing software in india.if any one interested on mlm software please contact us……

    • Tyler DeBroux

      I liked this statement you made, “Every blogger will tell you that their blog needs work. It’s like owning a house, you always want to update or change something.”

      This is difinitely true for me, I have so much work I need to get done on my blog but never have enough time it seems to complete it all, haha.

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Couldn’t have said it better. Great post Katrina and thanks for setting the example for us to follow! Blog everyday. I like it.

      • Katrina

        It’s all about being there for your readers, watchers, and action takers. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • Ruthanne

      Thanks so much for the amazing post, jam-packed with great advice. I will bookmark this, for sure. Thanks also for mentioning my post on choosing the right domain name for your blog!

      • Katrina

        Ruthanne, You are very welcome. it was a fantastic blog post and I hope everyone reads it.

    • Rozanne Ritter

      This is a great blog,Katrina, for encouraging people to blog and encourage people to grow & teach others in their business. I’ve learned so much from you but still more to go!!

      • Katrina

        Rozanne, it’s a constant learning process and I am so proud of what you have accomplished with your blog! Keep going!

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