Blog Training: Creating Content

Create ContentWhen creating a blog, content is king but how do you continuously create content? How do you make sure that you have something to write about daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly?

For the true blogger it is about writing daily. It is about creating content that compels your reads to want to come back to your blog over and over again. How the heck do you do that?

Write compelling and informative content. (sounds simple….)

Sounds easy but most of us, including myself struggle with creating daily content. So how did I over come this and how can you do the same?

How to Create Content

  1. Know your Blog Niche
    • I run across many clients that have begun blogging but struggle because they don’t have their niche. They don’t have a target marketing that they are going after. You can’t blog for everyone but you can blog for a niche. The difference will catapult your business.
  2. Follow Influential Leaders or Groups in your Industry.
    • As a network marketer I love to follow leaders that are using social media to build their business. These are the people that influence my business and I am always curious to learn how to create a better sales funnel. I follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog. Because they are always teaching and training I find that I can learn their content and re-share it.
    • Those that are in my circle aren’t necessarily in their circle but need to learn this information also. So it is my job to share and educate also.
  3. What’s Working Now
    • One of the best kept secrets. This monthly publication is for any home business owner. If you are looking to build your business online this is a publication you don’t want to pass up. If you click on >>>> What’s Working Now <<<<< you can have a trial month for just $1.
    • This publication keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and allows me to keep on top of what is trending and working online.

These are just a few of my recommendation for creating content. I also recommend self development to take you to the next level. I mention quite a few books to read in the video. I read something interesting from Jim Rohn today, “Poor people have massive T.V’s, Rich people have massive Libraries.”

I thought that would profound and so very true. Those that make it to the top develop themselves so that they can add value back to their team. You are the greatest investment you can make.

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    4 replies to "Blog Training: Creating Content"

    • Cindy

      Katrina, one of the reasons I chose to do the UBC this month was to see what posts most interested my readers. I have so many things I am interested in, so I am trying to determine which ones most capture my readers attention so I can focus there.


      • Katrina

        Discover what you are passionate about sharing! Your fans will love what ever you share.

    • Swati

      For me there has been no dearth of content only the lack of time to put them on a word and then post it on my blog. For my blog swatisays anything goes (random musings, social causes, and anything and everything I find interesting) however for my another blog it is all about art, culture, food, travel among other things related to art.

    • Hi Katrina! Great post, and thanks for sharing. Lots of great advice there, and I love your writing style – very motivational!

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