In the world of business blogging and marketing, it is safe to say that your images play an important part in capturing your customer’s attention.

Creating your images and leveraging them as an SEO tool is the key to unlocking more traffic to your site.

Blog Images That Go Viral

How to find blog images

In our conversation, we talk about how important images are. Not just for the blog but for re-purposing your blog. You absolutely need to hear this part of our blab about blogging.

So where do you go to get images?

Now you can surf the web and use Google, yet after have a few of my blogging friends receive notification in the mail of the fines they have to pay for improper use of an image…

… makes me re-think using Google.

Yet, there is a workaround that could benefit the image creator and you. It’s called “sighting the source”.

Remember back in the days of English class when you had to write papers and create a bibliography. It’s all about giving credit where credit is due.

Now when you do this, two things happen.

  1. You recognize the source of the image and web site.
  2. You get to create a back link to your site. (Google loves this)

This is a powerful way to use images that helps you build street cred also.

The ultimate viral image though, especially if you are self-branding…

… images of you.

Talk about connecting with your audience! They get a chance to see you and connect with you.

I am also a huge fan of taking my phone with me around town and snapping images of life around me. Then I am the original creator of my images.

How To Create Viral Images

Your next question is, gee Katrina, that’s great but I don’t have any editing software.

I’ve got you covered.

  • – great for creating images like the one you see on this post.
  • – love this for cropping and editing my images.

Both of these are free to use and then of course there is the upgrade version. Occasionally I will pay the $1 to use a premium image from canva, and for the most part, I do like taking my own images.

Was this blog post helpful? If so, comment below and ask a few questions. Love hearing from you.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Alexander.A

      Thank you for sharing Katrina!
      For those looking for images that they are allowed to use I would recommend to check out I’m personally a very big fan of them, plus they have loads of really gorgeous pictures.

      You can also use google to find images that you are allowed to use but you have to tweak some options.

      It’s not 100% fail-proof(you should still always check the source) but it is a very quick way to find images.

      Here’s how you do it: Input a search into google, click images, now in the same horizontal box that you found images there should be one that says “search tools”. If you click this it brings up a few options, we want usage right. Here you’ll see a few more options, the one’s that are relevant to what we are looking for is “labeled for reuse” and “labeled for reuse and modification”. Click either of them and your search will now only include pictures that you can use.

      Hope this helped someone!



      • Katrina

        Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. Really appreciate your comments and adding even more value to this blog post.

    • Chef Katrina

    • Chef Katrina

    • Chuck Bartok

      Thank you

    • Chuck Bartok

      Facebook allows you to add another image…

    • Chuck Bartok

      Yes really helps load speed…..

    • Wendy Fore

      @ChuckBartok yes if it goes on the blog

    • Chef Katrina

    • Chef Katrina

    • Chuck Bartok

      We have found that our OWN photos relevant to the POST prove to be far more effective. Especially in Niche BLOGS and actually seem to increase the credibility of YOUR site.

    • Chef Katrina

      I’m scared!

    • Chef Katrina

      hee hee

    • Chef Katrina

      blahhhhh… so many blabs to choose from!!!

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