Blog Help: How to create Twitter Post from Your Blog

Twitter PostCurious to learn how to create a Twitter Post from your blog? Now I am going to forewarn you…

There are some amazing features about this cool plugin that I am about to share with you and a couple of drawbacks.

At the end of the day it is your blog and for free, you get what you get.

But I will tell you this. The more your fans can engage with your blog… the more they will come back and want to do it again.

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And this is what I am sharing with you today. This really cool click to tweet plugin that allows you to create the Twitter post right on your WP hosted blog.

No more leaving your blog or having to open another window to create a twitter post and then have to  post it to your blog. That seems tedious and who wants to waste all that time and effort?

I am all about efficiency and getting the job done.

Here is a short video on how this cool Twitter Post plugin works.

Pros and Cons for this Click to Tweet, Twitter Post


  • Breaks up your content. Great for visual ad and moving your reader through your blog while they engage.
  • Don’t have to leave your blog when creating this Click to Tweet Box
  • Integerates with WP
  • Add your Username so you know when people share
  • Free Plugin – Click to Tweet


  • Does not have a character count and you are limited to 120 characters in your  twitter post. Trial and error to see if it fits.
  • No choice to shortening the link

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So as you can see the value of this Click to Tweet plugin is pretty awesome. Yes, it has some limitation but for a free plugin it has the added bonus of being a plugin.

Curious to know what you think of this Click to Tweet plugin for a Twitter post. Leave your feedback down below in the comment section.

If you think your fans would get value out of this post share with them on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook! Appreciate you sharing the love.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    7 replies to "Blog Help: How to Create Twitter Post from Your Blog"

    • Adrienne

      HI Katrina,

      I actually wrote a post similar to this but it was putting your own coding in and bypassing yet another plugin.

      Plugins are convenient but I’ve learned over time that less is best.

      I’ve run into issues in the past where these really cool plugins decided one day to stop working. Because they were free, the developers abandoned them and they were no longer being updated. I then had to go back through all of my posts and repair what was wrong.

      I’m putting a cramp in this subject because it is a great idea and without plugins our blogs wouldn’t run as smoothly as they do. I’ve even bought a plugin before to have a developer abandon that one as well and it stopped working. Luckily though it wasn’t something I had to go back and fix with each post.

      Great share though and thanks for the video. I learn so much better that way anyway.

      Have a great week and great to see you.


      • Katrina

        I totally agree Adrienne. Too many plugins can hurt your blog and sometime they aren’t kept up. I do like a good theme that has many of the plugin features I want. Since I am not a coder, I don’t mind passing that on to my IT guy.
        I am a huge fan of your blog and love your input. Valuable as always. Looking forward to learning more from you.

    • Brad Chase

      AWESOME! This WP plug-in, Click to Tweet, is just the tool I was looking for! Your blog help and actually showing me how to create a Twitter post directly from my blog post is what separates you from any other Blogging Coach…PERIOD. I have been trying to keep up with the latest info about blog engagement and to be honest, there is a lot of talk but, hardly any tools to help me stay on my blog! I believe your blog post is going to help numerous people, especially since the key to Online Marketing today IS social engagement on our very own blogs, a mini social media site if you will.

      I am so excited to see this plug-in and get to using it! I am also excited to see more tools like this to start rolling out! As always, you just keep on giving and I am privilege to know you.

      Keep on Keep’in on!

      May you always continue to Bless those of us that need your blog help.

    • Stella Scott

      Great tip! I will definitely check out this plugin. Thank you!

      Best from Stella/UBC

      • Katrina

        Let me know how it works for you. Did you catch the other way to do this without the plugin in the video?

    • Bonnie Gean

      Even though the plugin doesn’t have a counter, I see you have Shareaholic on your blog, too. Doesn’t Shareaholic COUNT the twitter share even though it was shared through “Click to tweet?”

      I would think it does because when I go to Twitter and post my blog post directly, Shareaholic adds the Twitter count to the Shareaholic Twitter file.

      • Katrina

        What I meant by letter count was that for any twitter post you only have 140 characters to use. With this plug in you only have 120 characters to use. And since I am not one to count each letter I write, sometimes I go over my limit. I wish they had that on the plugin when you write your tweet as seen in the video.
        You are correct on shareaholic… they do count your twitter shares for you! 🙂

        Hope that helps clear up the muck I made… will correct that now on the post! 🙂 Appreciate your comment Bonnie!

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