Blog Help: Google+ a Bloggers Secret

Blog HelpWas doing a bit more research in to the world of Google+ and what it means for bloggers.

Boy did I get an eye opening experience. 🙂

So here is what I discovered and it is good news for bloggers! With the roll out of Google’s Hummingbird, Blogging and Video are going to hold the top spots in the search engines.

Why you ask? Because Google+ Hummingbird is about mobile interaction and with mobile comes voice.

We are moving into a world where people want a voice. They want to talk to their mobile device and get the answers they seek. How many of you have done a Google search on your phone using the voice option? Sometimes it’s faster to ask the question then type the question.

So we are moving into an era of voice activated technology. So being relevant with your blog post and answering question that your customer, client, and buyer are asking is going to become crucial.

What does this mean for those in the network marketing area? It means that when you tell someone about your company or product you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to pick up their phone and do a search about that company. So why not direct them to the site of your choice?

The power of the blog has further reach and longer implications than a simple social media statement. But don’t discount social media yet…

Blog Help and Insight for Google+

These are some key point that I found on Social Media Today that I felt were key and relevant.

  • The SMO of SEOThere has beeen a lot of talk recently about the social media optimisation of SEO. Social media is concerned with recommendations by users, the sharing of content and the credibility of writers. There is evidence that search engines increasingly look to these social signals to help find relevant content. Some argue that social signals give a better indication of what is valuable on the web. It is very likely that Hummingbird will add a social layer to the search algorithm given its objectives.For marketers this means a need to focus on social engagement, reputation, authority and social proof through the sharing of content by people with authority, not simply numbers of shares or likes.
  • Links Can Actually Be Negative In A Social WorldIn the new social world more links to your content are not necessarily better and in some cases may actually reduce your ranking.If you post a link and lots of people interact with it and share it then we can assume that this will have a positive impact. However, if you post a lot of links on Google Plus or other forums and people do not interact with these posts you may create a negative impact.It is possible that an algorithm will see a lot of links but also see few people actually interacting or sharing the posts. The algorithm may come to the conclusion that people do not value the content and give it a negative rating. Thus people who drop lots of links in many places and communities, risk receiving less interaction each time and actually risk getting negative ranking feedback as a consequence.
  • Google Plus Is The Future It has been said before but Google reiterated at Social Media Week in September that “Google Plus is the social spine that improves the user experience across Google.”Whilst Google have argued that plus ones do not influence search results it does seem likely that Google Plus is increasingly helping Google SEO to produce more accurate results.For marketers Google Plus is the future. If you do not have a Google Plus profile or page or you are not active on the platform or you haven’t set up your Google authorship, now is time to get going. Being active in Google Plus communities, helping answer queries, curating helpful content and producing fresh, original, in-depth content will increase your Google reputation.

Boy was my mind racing after this. If you are not on Google+ yet… I highly recommend getting your brand over there! LOL

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Are you already playing on Google+? What is your best strategy that you can share for building on this social platform?

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    6 replies to "Blog Help: Google+ a Bloggers Secret"

    • nicola

      I have read a few of your posts they are informative and gave me some ideas… I have had google + for sometime now and probably like most don’t use it how I should. I have a business page on there and a personal page – I can’t find a way to link them and nor do I know if it is possible but I will take on board what you wrote here

      • Katrina

        Similar to fb your google+ and google+ page are connected because you are the admin. They don’t cross update because one is personal and the other is business. Google is a great tool for gaining rapid exposure to your blog. Any other questions feel free to ask.

    • Mackie Hill

      Thanks for this information. I have been on Google+ for a while, but didn’t ever really use it. I guess I better start now. Hopefully jumping in at the beginning with give me some leverage.

      • Katrina

        Jump in when it is right for you. If you like it, play there, if you don’t stay with the social media you are comfortable with until you get the traffic or leads you want!

    • I use Google +, but I haven’t really looked into all of it. I do post my blogs on there and share them on another blogging group on google +.

      • Katrina

        Sara you are ahead of the class then! Most people overlook sharing on Google+. Great for SEO and just getting visible with your community!

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