Blog Help: Developing Your Brand, You Inc.

developing your brandAs an network marketer I struggled for years trying to develop my brand, my identity.

Like many of you I was lulled by my network marketing companies name and I thought I should use that first and fore most.

So what I share with you today may shock many of you reading this. You may totally disagree with me. And you many never read my blog ever again.

So be it. I am here to cut the crap and tell you how to create success. I could lie, and paint rosy pictures but that wouldn’t be fair to you.

Let me just be totally blunt with you.


Basically you signed a contract to become an independent associate. You are commission based. If the company goes under… so goes your paycheck.

Remember this… you are INDEPENDENT and completely an individual.

You have been given the same tools as every other person in your business. Your success depends on you. If you don’t open your mouth and tell people you are promoting a product and opportunity, people won’t know!!!

What does this all have to do with blogging and developing your brand?

Blog Help

A blog allows you to create a unique voice and a place for your prospect to learn more about you and how you can help them build their business.

A blog gives you the option of creating content outside of just your MLM.

A blog allows you to give value, build a community, and brand yourself. Create You, Inc.

Developing Your Brand, You Inc.

You are completely different from me! Thank Goodness!  (I mean this in a very good way)

You are going to create a niche based on the people you want to do business with. Do you enjoy working with moms, dads, runners, athletes, foodies, adventures, happy people, sad people, business, Lawyers…. and the list goes on.

Your life experience have created who you are and people are going to resonate with you based on that. You don’t want just anyone on your team. You want business builders and people that want more from life.

What you many not understand is that we join people in business based off similar connections. We want to be part of a team of people that understand us.

When I went to my first Reliv meeting, the story that hit home the most was the one shared by a woman that worked in the hospitality industry. She was working 60-80 hrs a week and burnt out. Reliv offered her a way to leave her job and still earn an income. By sharing her business story… it made me what to do the Reliv business.

I still didn’t know jack about the products or if this was the right decision for me. I made the choice based off a common event and the possibility of a dream becoming reality.

I was blessed to be introduced to Reliv. It was because of this choice that I made 6 years ago to join Reliv that I was able to Retire from my Corporate Chef job at age 35.

On May 1st 2013 I walked about from my job with no security net but Reliv and Elite Marketing Pro. This combination has paid my bills and continues to build a residual income for me.

The difference between you and me is very little. I just learned early on that I had to develop You, Inc. I had to brand myself and stand out from the crowd. That is how Chef Katrina came to be.

I tackled a whole new arena when I went online to build my Reliv business. No one was doing what I was doing. I was leading the way. At times it was frustrating because I had no one inside my team or company that I could turn to for help. I had to figure all of what I know on my own. That is how I met my amazing MLM mentors and sat down with MLM leaders that were building their business online. I began to follow their teachings while staying true to Reliv.

What I share with you in developing your brand is just be yourself. Find mentors that can help you through struggles.

Online marketing is about branding yourself. Find your passion and wrap your mlm around it. I am extemely passionate about teaching online marketing and blogging to those in the MLM industry. I believe that if we all did attraction marketing, the MLM industry would get a better rap and we would all recruit more people into this amazing industry.

I hope you got value out of this post and would appreciate the love it you shared it with your fans. They deserve to hear this message also.

Share with me what has been your biggest struggle in building your brand online. Go ahead… stand out!

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    13 replies to "Blog Help: Developing Your Brand, You Inc."

    • Pat Moon

      You are so right. It is important to be yourself and build your relationships around who you are. That is what I love about blogging.. it is a great way to share and educate others about what you are passionate about. You do a great video presentation. Thanks.

      • Katrina

        Hey Pat! Long time no see! Hope all is going well. Thanks for dropping by. So when can I expect to see video on your blog! 🙂

    • Thanks for being so honest & blunt Katrina! Straight to the point is how I like it! Great points on how to stand out from the crowd!

    • Simona

      What I find very interesting is the way you created your brand. It’s unique and memorable. I like it.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Simona! I went back and forth a lot on my brand and what direction I wanted to go! Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my blog. Appreciate it.

    • Meli

      Thanks for the great post and video! Chocked full of so much important and useful information!

    • I can hear your high energy in your very encouraging post. Building trust is the most important aspect of our business you are right! Thanks for sharing your excitement and wisdom. BTW Relive is a great product.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Robin for dropping by my blog. I am extremely passionate about blogging and network marketing. So my excitement is always high! Are you in the MLM industry?

    • Dawn Lanier

      I’m not into MLM at all, but I do agree that success in business depends on your personal ability to connect with people. Building relationships and branding yourself are key. Thanks for the post Katrina!

    • Krystal

      Online marketing, you are so right!, is about branding. It can be hard to get started, but once you find the right support system… you’re good! : ) Good luck in your future endeavors!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Krystal for the reply. It really is about find the right system and the right team to work with. Blessing to you and looking forward to seeing you on my site again!

    • Chef William

      Great information. I am in the same position, I hang out with people involved with the food industry in one form or another. The problem I have had is I have yet to find any MLM company that I want to work with. So many are about diets, etc, and that’s not me. I will keep looking until I find one, in the mean time I continue to produce a small income from books on kindle.

      • Katrina

        Chef, what are your writing about on Kindle? I can recommend a great resource for finding the right MLM for you. It is called This is a site that allows you to learn from industry leaders and find the right MLM for you, or should I say the right team to be on.
        Thank you for commenting and look forward to seeing you back here again. Really curious about Kindle…

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