Blog Help Choosing the Right ThemeIn today’s blog help series we cover how to choose the right theme for your blog.

One of the top questions I am asked is, “what theme should I choose for my blog?” With each client it differs on what they want to achieve.

With that being said the basics never really change. I am a firm believer that if you are looking to use your blog to build your business online you will always need these 3 elements.

These elements allow versatility and give you exposure to sell or promote your products or services. Miss these from your theme and you may have to go back to the drawing board.

Blog Help: 3 Required Elements for Your MLM Theme

  1. Header – Make sure your blog allows for a header. A header helps your readers or first time visitor know what your blog is about. It helps them feel confident about being on your blog. Your header is your first impression. So may sure it conveys exactly what your blog is about.
  2. Sidebar – Sidebars are crucial if you want to create more leads and make more sales with your blog. It gives you a place to capture emails, place widgets, and engage your readers. So many bloggers over look this element but it really can make or break your blog.
  3. Menu Bar – Make sure your blog has a menu bar that is easy to find and accessible to your readers. Many times I have come across blogs that only send you to the blog post and if you would like to poke around on the site… you can’t because there is no visible menu bar. You could be losing major traffic and leads because of this.

Blog Help – Where to Find Your Theme

blog help themeThere are a couple of options for finding the theme that is right for you. You can either use a free theme or a paid theme. What is the difference?

A free theme may not have all the elements you want and you may have to go and find the plugins you need. The down side to this is that too many plugins can crash your blog. It also makes it easier for hackers to access your blog.

With that being said I still recommend free themes when you are just starting out. There are tons of good ones out there.

For free themes for your WordPress blog head over to

I have been able to work with many of my clients and find them the best free theme that works for them and their blog. It is all about getting them the blog help they need.

To learn some of my favorite FREE blog themes I recommend grabbing my blog help course, Blogging Ingredients. Everything you need to create your blog and explode your business online!

A paid theme usually has a lot more bells and whistles and the creator is diligent about updates and making sure it stays compatible with all WordPress updates.

I am a huge fan of using OptimizePress for any network marketer. It give you the ability to create an entire sales funnel for your product or service. You can host your blog and get great SEO ranking. It also allow for the creation of membership sites. This is an extremely flexible and amazing theme.

You may not know how to use everything this theme offers in the beginning but as you grow and build your business online… this theme becomes priceless.

Blog Help – Blog Themes

Give yourself time to find the right theme for your blog… but also understand that you can change your theme at anytime. The content will stay but the format may change.

Get started off on the right foot with your blog and get the blog help you need to save yourself time and money. Discover all the secret ingredients that top blogger and network marketers use to build their blog and gain massive traffic to their site.

Work with me, your blogging coach and let’s get the right theme for your blog so that you can be up and blogging in just a few short hours.

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    • Laurel Regan

      Lots of helpful advice here – thanks for sharing!

      • Katrina

        Hey Laurel! Always a pleasure to have you comment on my blog! Glad you enjoyed all the information! See ya soon!

    • Don Purdum

      Different blog types really do serve different purposes and need different theme types. I do agree that the basic principles stay the same and I love seeing blogs that are well done and offer ideas I wouldn’t think about on their own. Well Done!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Don! The principles of blogging are the same but there are different themes that meet different needs. Totally agree with you! Glad you enjoyed this blog post and look forward to seeing more comments from you! Have an amazing day!

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