Blog Help:Choosing Quality Blog Themes

Quality Blog ThemesChoosing quality blog themes is one of the first steps to creating a very powerful and engaging blog. Your theme has to fit in to what you want now and maybe even your future needs.

Now you many not know what your future needs are yet and that’s okay.

When I first started blogging I went with what my mentor recommended. Now this was a couple of years ago and a lot has changed in the online world. The introduction of mass mobile marketing and tablets came into play.

This changed everything about choosing the best quality blog themes for many bloggers. Now we needed something called a responsive theme.

What is a responsive theme? This is a theme that can adjust to the device it is viewed on. If you are seeing it on a tablet it contracts to that size. Do you read blogs on your mobile phone? The theme would adjust for that too. And if you are like some of us we view everything on the big screen TV. And the good news it that these types of quality blog themes adjust to that also.

So your theme really is everything to your blog. Choosing the right one does depend on you.

What you need for your theme really does depend on your business. So I created this video on how to find the best themes and some of the ones that I recommend.

Choosing Quality Blog Themes

The first place you can go to check out some quality blog themes is

This is one of my favorite sites for getting plugins and themes. I cover a couple of themes in the video.

Also make sure you follow my number one request for a theme. If you don’t do this you could lose viewers, traffic, and sales. I explain all of this inside the video.

I also share some paid/premium blog themes. There are a lot of advantages to having a paid blog.

  • Customer support
  • Updates to technology
  • Premium plugins already built in
  • Professional Customization

The theme that you currently see on this blog is a OptimizePress. This particular theme allows me to create a blog, sales pages, landing pages, and so much more. Perfect for the online marketer or home based business.

The other site that I recommend for getting premiem themes is 

Choosing a blog theme is important for the overall look and feel of your blog. Make sure that it is something you want to see and share with others. A quality blog theme makes all the difference. Make sure your online real estate looks good!

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Can you recommend a theme that you like for your blog? Share in the comment area below.

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    6 replies to "Blog Help: Choosing Quality Blog Themes"

    • Nate

      solid content. good post

      • Katrina

        Thank you Nate. Appreciate the comment.

    • Toni Nelson

      I bought optimize press but haven’t worked on it much. After seeing your site I need to go figure it out:)

      • Katrina

        I love optimized press. It is so easy to use now and I can’t wait to do the upgrade to my theme. Working on new graphics and once that is done… If you have any questions let me know.

    • Jewel Williams

      Optimize Theme sounds like the type of theme that has flexibility. This is a really good article especially if you want to grow and expand your blogging (entrepreneurial) business. Thank you for sharing these ideas that may need to come into fruition.

      • Katrina

        As I am working with my blogging students the importance of themes has come up. So I thought I would address it. Having the right them is very important. And with technology changing so much it is nice to have a good jumping off point. Thank you for your comment. Look forward to seeing you back here again!

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