Blog Help: Blog Topic Ideas Exposed

blog Topic IdeasExposed! Finally discover the 10 blog topic ideas that you can write about.

It happens to everyone, yup, even me. The moment when you are not sure what you should write about. Let me help you break through this barrier of confusions and frustration. Having this list near my computer ensures that I will always have blog topic ideas to write about.

Just grab one and go with it. Create, share, and inspire others. Become the problem solver and people will continue to come back over and over again to your blog. Now lets rock this!

The 10 Blog Topic Ideas – Set Your Blog Free!

  1. Information – Let this be your post to define or explain something to your prospects or clients.
  2. Teaching and Tips – Go beyond the basic information and create a how-to post and maybe throw in some pictures or even video!
  3. Quick List – List the top 5, 10. 25, or 50 places to go, mistakes to avoid, or things you can do. A simple list can create a lot of engagement.
  4. Reviews – Do you have a product or service that you can review? People love to hear other people’s opinions. So feel free to share! Heck even get other people to review a product or service.
  5. Opinion – I know you have one! Share it! (it is okay to rant occasionally too)
  6. Interviews –  Powerful post. Do you have someone you can interview to give expert advice? Or maybe someone you admire. Interviews are powerful… It is why we read magazines or even watch the news. We want the inside interview.
  7. Pros and Cons – Give advice on the advantages and disadvantages of a product, service, or how to approach a problem.
  8. Latest News – Reports about your industry
  9. Resource and Links to Site – Become a reliable point of reference so that people come back to your site. Building trust and authority.
  10. Q & A – Use social media to compile the top questions you are asked and answer them on your blog.
  11. Trend Watch – Give your opinion on current trends or be bold and even predict a trend!

Just this short list of blog topic ideas have inspired me daily to post my passion. Having this list near by allows for my creative juices to flow.

Creating topics for you blog doesn’t have to be difficult, you may just need a starting point. I struggled in the beginning with my blog but once my mentor gave me this list, I found myself more comfortable in blogging.

I will tell you a little secret. When I got stuck… I would go out and find other bloggers and then ask them to be a guest blogger on my site. I rarely got turned down. It is just another way for bloggers to get exposure. So don’t think you have to write all the content for your blog. Sometimes the best blog topic ideas come from others.

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Do you have another topic that you can share with my fans on what would make a good blog post? Share your comment below. I enjoy engaging with all my fans!

Yours in Gratitude,

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