Causing a movementThe more I study the ability to lead people, the more I learn that leadership has nothing to do with one person.

The ability to lead, isn’t about the leader, its about the follower. They are the ones that create and cause a movement.

Steve Jobs was a leader, but it was the ‘first nut’ that helped him build Apple into what it is today.

A movement isn’t about the leadership, but about the community around the leader and how the community shows up for future followers.

One of the best videos to explain this is seen below.

Watching and listening to this will transform the way you see yourself and your business. Once you understand what just happened here, you will realize the incredible power you have to be a leader that makes an impact on your community and the world.

How This Applies To Business

Did you get it? Did you see what really happened? At what point did the leader disappear from view?

In a world of online marketing where we are all struggling to get MORE leads and more followers, what if you just nurtured a few relationships.

What if you stopped chasing the numbers and started building relationships.

What I love about this video is that it outlines verbatim what it takes to cause a movement. You don’t have to lead to make an impact, you just have to be the ‘first nut’.

I love the moment when he said the tipping point in causing a movement was when the third person joined in. At that moment it became a movement.

How powerful is that!

I have watched this video about 6 times so far and I am sure now that I have posted this on my blog, I will watch it about a dozen more times.

The lesson found here applies to all business owners and marketers.

First you have to lead… and next you have to make it easy to follow and be willing to train others to be your equal.

I honestly hope you got tremendous value from this video and would love to know your thoughts. What made the biggest impact on you?

Share your comments below.

Also help get this message out by sharing it on your favorite social media site. I appreciate you.

Yours in Gratitude,

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    • Ruthanne

      I ***absolutely love*** this video! It shows in a joyful way the powerful point about being a leader, how you have to be the first nut, and what to expect. I’ll definitely be watching this again. 🙂

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