Elite Marketing ProI am happy to announce that the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Fast Start Challenge is back!

For those that don’t know, back in May 2014,  we did a beta launch of the 60 day challenge. My partner Doug and I were excited to share how to use the Elite Marketing Pro system to build your business online but we didn’t expect more than 50 people to join.

So you can imagine our shock when we had over 180 Elite Marketing Pro affiliates take us up on our offer to show them exactly how to use EMP to build their business.

When I first joined with Elite Marketing Pro, I was lost, overwhelmed, and looking for direction. I was about to walk away from my corporate job as a Chef and my only income was going to come from Elite Marketing Pro and my Reliv business.

I put a lot of faith into Elite Marketing Pro, that it would show me exactly what I need to do to build my MLM online and create a 2nd residual income.

So for the last year… Elite Marketing Pro and Reliv have been my only source of income. Did EMP deliver on their promise to help me build my business?


Without EMP I would have had to crawl back to my job and ask for it back or find something else.

My Success with Elite Marketing Pro

Because of the success I have been able to create with EMP, I felt compelled to show others how to use this system to get results.

That is how the EMP 60 Day Fast Start Challenge was born. It came from my passion to teach people how to grab hold of this system and get results FAST!

My goal is to get you on track and show you want you need to do to take MASSIVE action.

Action that you need to take DAILY to get results in your business. Even if it is offline what you are about to learn during this 60 day challenge applies to you.

I am truly excited to be teaching Elite Marketing Pro again. I am curious… what can you achieve with this system?

How can I help you grow your business?

Elite Marketing Pro Bonus:

As a bonus from me, when you join #EMPTeamOnFire you will get access to our private mastermind group.

Plus you will gain access to our private weekly hangout where we show you exactly what we are doing to help each other.

And if you decided that you don’t want to waste another dime online and want every tool you will ever need for building your business online… Upgrade to the VIP level. As a bonus for join me at the VIP level, you get 4 weeks of one on one coaching with me. Helping you customize this system to your business needs. Guiding you personally.

To get the inside look of what to expect from the 60 Day Challenge and how to join EMP go to… Learn More About Elite Marketing Pro

You have a very small window of opportunity to make a decision. Once we begin the Challenge we will not take another member and I honestly don’t know if we will ever host this challenge again. This could be your last opportunity to access this 60 day challenge before is disappears….

Will I see you soon? Ready to build your business in 60 days?

Welcome to #EMPTeamOnFire

If you know of anyone that would benefit from this challenge please share with them. Continue to help others!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Jaye Carden

      I’ve learned a lot about EMP from your posts. The program has been known to be a good one and reccommended by many top earners and marketers. Thanks for putting this up Katrina!

      • Katrina

        Always a pleasure to share with you Jaye!

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