It’s Easier To Using Attraction Marketing

The idea of attraction marketing is that we want people to find us, like us and join our business.

So as a home based business owner, what do you have to offer your new distributor and or customer?

What type of person do you want to do business with?

What skills could you use on your team?

With the skill set of attraction marketing you actually learn that you have the ability to pick your team.

Benefits of Attraction Marketing

Work with people that actually understand the financial benefit of network marketing. They know it is going to take work and they are looking for someone to help them get to where they want to go.

My first experience with attraction marketing came from Mike Dillard. He shared with me a course called, Magnetic Sponsoring.

It started with a 7 day video training series that talked about what attraction marketing really meant for those in the MLM industry.

From there I purchase his course and system for less than $40 bucks. To this day I still think Mike is crazy for giving these insider secrets away.

We are talking multimillion dollar secrets! The stuff that can have you making 6-7 figures in 18 months with some hard work.

Attraction marketing is finding people you want to do business with. People that call you up and say, I want to join your company today!

It is a way of doing business that showcases your leadership abilities and those of your team.

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    2 replies to "Stop Dragging People into Your Business"

    • Brad

      First off…I need to Thank You for leading me to Magnetic Sponsoring! I too can not believe Mike Dillard gives away all of his information for $40! It was hard for me too, at first, to see how Attraction Marketing was going to fit in with my Network Marketing business? You have helped in so many ways for me to finaly see how they go hand in hand. I dont believe in “Dragging” people in to my MLM opportunity. When I realized that I choose who works with me…everything got so much easier! Thank You again for EVERYTHING!

      • Katrina

        Brad, as always you add so much value to my posts. It is a pleasure to work with you and watch you grow. Continue down the path you are on and I see nothing buy success for you.

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