Advance in RelivI was talking to a distributor of mine and he was asking, “How do you advance in Reliv?”

This is a really good question because if you don’t have a goal of what you need to reach for next, most fail to move forward.

So by having some goals and knowing what you need to accomplish to get to the next level is key for most Reliv distributors.

So I wanted to walk you through the road to presidential and the bonuses you can get along the way.

Advance In Reliv

The first step is becoming a Master Affiliate with Reliv. This is the top profit level that you can join in at. Giving you the most bang for your buck.

Once you are a MA, your financial journey begins. And that is what I share with you inside this video. The secret to making an extra $18,000 in three months.

Bonuses As You Advance In Reliv

Reliv always has bonuses available each month. As you advance in Reliv you can earn up to $18,000 in your first three months.

Right now Reliv has 4 bonuses available.

  1. Rookie Bonus – Get a Bonus of $1,000 each month of the first 3 months you are in Reliv.
  2. Volume Bonus – Earn up to $5,000 a month, every month, for the lifetime that you are working your Reliv business
  3. Travel – Qualify for tips around the world – all expenses paid.
  4. Road To Presidential Director – The advancements that you can make to move from MA to Presidential Director.

Reliv really believe in rewarding you for building your business.

There are also benefits like:

  • $750 car allowance
  • Monthly Health Care Check
  • Jewelry Allowance for the Ladies
  • Paid to Train
  • All Expense Paid Trips
  • and the list goes on….

Reliv believe that when you help more people that you should get rewarded. Not just once, but always.

Chef’s Story:

I joined Reliv because I wanted a way out. Out of the long hours and the corporate world. I was tired of trading my time for money and only getting further into debt and having no life.

Time was slipping away and I didn’t want to find myself 10 years from now, still in a kitchen locked away from the world, wishing I had just taken that chance to dare to dream.

Today I am living my dream. I retired last year at age 35 from the corporate world. I have been building my Reliv business and I have been teaching and training network marketers from all over the world on how to build their business in just 60 days.

If you are ready to live your life on your own terms and join my team… Click Here to Join Katrina and be part of Reliv.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Jaye Carden

      Seems like this company pays well to it’s affiliates. I am sure just like anything in life, you must have a desire to have it, and you can get it. Your team is lucky to have someone like you helping them!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Jaye. Really appreciate that. 🙂

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