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Can a Chef leave a 15 plus year career in the kitchen and be successful in the MLM world?

This was a question I battled with for well over 5 years.

It took a talk with Tim Erway and a leap of faith. And the answer to the question…

Where did I see myself in 5 years? The answer was not going to be found in a kitchen.

The journey began with blogging and from that moment I have never looked back.

Why blogging?

As a chef we are pretty anal about following a recipe. If a recipe is wrong, then consistency is wrong, money is lost, customers are upset and everything gets ugly.

In a kitchen consistency is key. You have to have the right ingredients for each recipe. You must use the right amounts for consistency. And you must follow the recipe for cooking. It literally is step-by-step directions.

A kitchen is referred to as the “heart of the house” in the restaurant industry. For me, I consider my blog my “heart of house” for building my MLM.

With blogging there are rules that have to be followed. Posts that need exact ingredients in order to create success online. We look at blogging and think… sure, I can do this. But once you get into it you wonder why it is not working.

Like any talented Chef our goal is to teach our knowledge and skills to the new “whipper snappers” that come in from the culinary world. They claim they have knowledge but it takes working in a real kitchen to understand the dynamics of speed, efficiency, and the ability to be flexible.

My goal as a Chef was to teach and help my culinary students how to become efficient and skilled at their job. If a beur blanc  sauce broke right before service, did they know how to fix it? How do you get a steak to well done in 7 minutes? What is the plate presentation suppose to look like? What ingredients are needed for every plate in order for it to go out to the guest?

We had checklists and quality control in place.

Blogging is a lot like a kitchen.

There are secrets that you only learn by working with an expert.

I have been blogging for over 6 years and every day I learn something new about blogging. I continually improve myself so that my students stay ahead of the curve.

They are skilled at keyword research. They now exactly how a blog post is suppose to look. They learn little details that increase their SEO and help them to rank faster in the search engines.

The have checklists and a daily plan of action. They have an open live training day, once a week where they can join in the conversation and get their blog reviewed or ask questions. On that day it is all about them.

They have reduced their learning curve by 3-5 years and they did it in just 4 weeks.

I pay for my blogging education because I want to learn from leaders that are already creating success in their MLM using blogging. If you don’t know Ray Higdon yet… I suggest following his blog. He generates over a 1,000 leads a month with just his blog.

I also subscribe to a publication called What’s Working Now to get the latest and most up to date training on blogging and marketing my MLM online.

MLM & Blogging

For those in the network marketing industry blogging is the key ingredient that 97% are missing. As for the 3%?

1% of them are building the right way and 2% have a blog but don’t understand why they are not raking in the leads. They have no traffic.

The world of MLM is changing and that change in coming in the form of attraction marketing. It’s now about helping people and not selling to people.

Found this #quote and it completely hit home.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” – Simon Sinek

Blogging give you a home online that allows you to share your why. It give you the opportunity to teach what you are learning.

Become a magnetic of value and education.

There are just 3 ingredients that every MLM blogger need to know.

  1. Invest in your education
  2. Apply what you are learning
  3. Teach what you learned

So many of us MLM’ers have attended live event, webinar, and training. I am almost positive that you took notes during this time. As a MLM blogger you now have a chance to share those notes on your blog.

You become a valued resource. People want to join you because of the value you share. Your MLM grows. That is the power of attraction marketing.

So can a Chef succeed in the MLM industry with just a blog?

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook and/or Google+.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    24 replies to "A Chef, MLM, & Blogging"

    • A. Lynn Jesus

      Great post! And a great analogy – it is so true. The piece (that I think people miss) is about teaching what they have learned – giving back. This is a fantastic way to make an impact on others. People don’t forget it.

      • Katrina

        Hi Lynn! I discovered the term value leader and it come from teaching others what you are learning. So I am a huge fan of paying it forward. As I learn… I like to share that knowledge forward. Thank you for taking time to read this post and comment. Wishing you an amazing day!

    • Sharon O'Day

      Sounds like you’re perfectly suited — by temperament and aptitude — to be a great success at what you’ve undertaken, Katrina. It’s as if you have reached that critical force called “momentum,” where things start moving seemingly by themselves … although there is still a little push somewhere from behind. Congratulations for sorting it out!

      • Katrina

        Hi Sharon! it has been a journey… but one that I love. It has had its moments where I wondered if I was on the right path. I am definitely getting that little push from behind and I am thankful for it. Blessed to know you and love reading your blog every week.

    • Gina Binder

      My take-away: “Become a magnet of value an education” and remember that people “buy the why” and my blog explains it. Come to think of it, that matters in relationships all the time – motive counts; intention matters. Cheers to your successful transition!

      • Katrina

        Hi Gina! When I first started blogging I heard the team… become a value leader and that fits perfectly with become a magnet of value and education. And it is true of relationships also, being open to learn new points of view. Help each other and focus on what we do right!
        Thank you for commenting Gina. Always look forward to your comments!

    • Pat Moon

      I love how you have compared being a chef, MLM, and blogging with one another. I recently have joined Norma Doiron’s new inner circle group and am learning so much in just under one month. Learning to blog for my MLM has been a great adventure for me. Thanks for sharing.

      • Katrina

        Hi Pat! I am so glad that you joined Norma’s group. She is amazing and you couldn’t ask for a better leader! Keep blogging and having fun!

    • Rochefel

      I agree with your Ingredients, all three of them 🙂 Invest, learn and share!

      • Katrina

        Hi Rochefel! Love your blog and thank you for taking time to read and comment on mine! 🙂

    • Pamela

      Kitchen, Blogging and MLM! What an odd combination! Never knew there’s a good recipe for the three to go together. Thanks for sharing!

      • Katrina

        I didn’t know how they were going to fit together until I just stayed focused on being me. Thank you so much for commenting Pamela! I look forward to your blog posts!

    • Such a great analogy to cooking! Blogging, done well, is so important to our business. I agree with your “3 ingredients that every MLM blogger needs to know.” Great post! Thank you!

      • Katrina

        Hi Alexandra! I have watched you grow with your blog and I am so proud of you. You are rocking it with your MLM and DSD! Keep sharing!

    • Diana Foree

      I am trying to be more consistent in posting a blog each week which is a lot for me. I am keeping with topics that fall under my business – crafts. However, I do stray away from one subject matter to give it a little more diversity. Each time I blog I learn more about what I really want to write and how to present it. Good article. Thanks!

      • Katrina

        Hi Diana! Consistent blogging will help you find your voice and your passion. After 5 failed blogs… well, let’s just say I was a slow learner. Let me know if you have any questions on blogging! Thank you for commenting and see you again next week!

    • Beverley Golden

      Great post with lots of valuable information and resources Katrina. Love that you share your own experience and give readers an opportunity to explore what’s possible for themselves. Some of these resources sound like they would be helpful for any of us who are serious about blogging!

      • Katrina

        Hi Beverley! Thank you for commenting! I didn’t always share my experiences but I have come to find that it is okay to let people see the real me.
        Every resource I provide I use and have success with. 🙂 Wishing you an amazing weekend!

    • Lisa Mallis

      I love Simon Sinek’s TedTalk presentation on “WHY”. I’ve spent hours working towards perfecting my why. Because, truly, it’s not about what you know – it’s about why you do what you do that clients care about. I love how you transitioned the skills from your “previous life” to your current career. Great tips!

      • Katrina

        Hi Lisa! I have had many people tell me to move away from Chef… but it is such a part of who I am that I can’t. “Why’s” always change. So I am not sure you can ever perfect a why because as you achieve goals… your why may change. But I love how you take action and just keep moving forward!

    • Krystal

      Blogging is so important to a business! Thanks for sharing these tips.

      • Katrina

        A pleasure to share what is working for me Krystal. Thank you for taking time to read and comment on this blog post! Wishing you an amazing day!

    • Brad

      What an eye opening blog post! I never would have dreamed how much a Chef, an MLM and Blogging would blend so well together! Katrina, you just gave me yet another “Aaha” moment! Awsome content and tips that I can put to use in my own blog. Thank you for always over delivering! PS…what cut of steak takes just 7 minutes to well done?..I gotta know 🙂

      • Katrina

        Trade secret on the steak Brad… If I tell you…. I am glad you got a great aha moment. That is what engaging and taking action with blogging is all about. Can’t wait to see what happens starting tomorrow! 🙂

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