being lied toShocking but oh so very true. Don’t believe me? Tell me that 100% of those in your MLM are making a 6-figure income.

If you can’t then believe me when I say 90% of Network Marketers are being lied to by their Upline.

Want the proof of this statement? Not a problem, I will give you proof.  But first let me share some of the things you might hear from your upline.




Your Upline Says:

“If they can fog a mirror, this is the business for them.”

” So easy even a 5 year old can do this business.”

“All you need to do is build a list of everyone you know”

“Share this opportunity with everyone that comes within 5 ft of you.”

What they FAILED to tell you is that this is the wrong approach to have and if you try to build your business this way… you will FAIL! Heck you may even lose money or you already have. If this is the case…

STOP listening to your upline and pay close attention. Grab a pen and paper and get really to be blown away!


90% of Network Marketers Need to Know?

The fastest way to really build your business to to know who the heck you want on you team and who you plan to market to. Let me introduce you to the word…

Avatar – Your Ideal Prospect. This is a singular person (who is representation of every other ideal and perfect prospect that will most likely need and want to buy your offer) that you design your entire marketing efforts for.

The biggest mistake that 90% of marketers make is to try and market to EVERYONE! I don’t care how good you think your product is or how you think EVERYONE can benefit from it, it is a mistake to market to everyone – you will go broke trying to market before you make you first sale.

So think about you offer and whom would stand to benefit from it the most?  Who would want it the most? I don’t mean the person that may want it but the person that wants it badly, needs it, and goes to sleep DREAMING about having it.

Think about why your prospect would want your offer. What sort of pain is he/she going through and how is your offer the solution? Why does he want your product? What purpose would it serve in his life after he/she purchased it?

Creating Your Perfect Customer Avatar

Jot these questions down and them answer them. Be as detailed as possible. The more you know about your Avatar the easier it will be for you to marketing and present your offer as their solution to their pain.

  1. What are the biggest pains your prospect has?
  2. How can you help you Avatar solve their biggest problems/pains?
  3. Describe the typical day in the life of your customer Avatar:
  4. What is the name of your customer Avatar? What is his/her profession? What is his/her age? Family? Married? Working? Describe him/her in as much detail as possible.

This is a simple exercise to help  you create your custom Avatar. The idea is that as you plan you marketing you should have a picture of your customer avatar in your head. It’s as if your entire marketing process was designed specifically for him/her.

I promise you, if you know who you are taking to, you will attract more leads and more quality distributors to your opportunity.

So many upline leaders fail to share this crucial information and it keeps so many network markets lost and confused.

Now I will place this quick disclaimer: It is not your uplines fault that they don’t know this… they weren’t told either. So have faith in your upline but just know that having an Avatar can make all the difference in how you build your business. You really don’t want just anyone on your team.

This training is taught as part of the Magnetic Sponsoring Course and includes even more training on attraction marketing.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Hey Katrina

      Incorporating an ‘urgent tone’ worked very well for this post, and the shocking statistic was immensely impactful! #HUGSS

      You are right in that no product or service benefits EVERYBODY. Jotting down a detailed description of your CLIENT’s avatar will help you achieve laser-focus.

      Thanks for a highly informative post – hope your audience pays heed to your suggestions…

      Much love

      • Katrina

        Hi Krithika! Thank you for the feedback. I enjoy what I do and it helps grab people’s attention to use shock sometime. Glad you enjoyed the post and look forward to seeing you back here again!

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