8 Steps to Self Motivation

Self MotivationAs a home based business it can be difficult to stay motivated. So to kick off the New Year I want to share 8 Steps to Self Motivation.

Let’s jump right in to Self Motivation!

  1. Accepting Personal Responsibility – It’s so easy to blame life, interruptions, and everything else for why we don’t build our business. So taking responsibility for our action in building our business is crucial. Reminder that self motivation is not a monthly or weekly thing. It is a daily action we must take.
  2. Exercising Initiative – Have a daily game plan. That game plan should include making phone calls daily. Making contacts or presentation. Daily action is the key to success. So give yourself a goal. I like to start with a 30 day plan and execute that plan of action daily. It could look like blogging, emails, phone calls, networking, or beginning a new hobby/activity.
  3. Be Self-Reliant – You are the one that is going to create the success of your business. Not your upline or your downline. But YOU! This is your business and know one knows it better than you. So go out and start sharing!
  4. Having Self-Confidence – Every expert was once a beginner. So go out and do! Confidence comes from know-how — know-how come from experience — experience come from doing business daily! You are good enough right now to create the success you want in your business. Belief and Know it is true!
  5. Having Determination – I have created 5 non-negotiable’s that I must do daily. I can’t put my head to the pillow until they are accomplished. I challenge you to create your non-negotiable’s. Once you have them you will find how easy it is to keep them. Don’t let yourself give you excuses, you will be able to come up with hundreds of them!
  6. Visualizing Success in Each Activity – Visualize CALLING success. Visualize SELLING PRODUCT success. Visualize RECRUITING SUCCESS. Your mind is extremely powerful, yet it believes what you tell it to believe or feel. So feel the fear and do it anyways. Have faith in yourself and know that you are going to build your business today.
  7. Being Dedicated – “Commit” is a very powerful word. Say out loud that you commit to your non-negotiable’s. “I commit to blogging daily!”. Just saying that out loud you feel the difference in your body. Commitment is crucial to success. So commit to taking action daily with your business.
  8. Living Every Day with Positive Expectations – This is a choice… “I choose to be positive and expect only the the BEST from my activity today.” Watch your words and live in a positive world. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Following this 8 steps to Self Motivation can increase your business by 100%-500%… heck… or BETTER!

Everyday you have a choice on how your business is going to grow. To make that happen you have to be taking action daily!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    6 replies to "8 Steps to Self Motivation"

    • Stacey Strickler

      Great post!!! These points are not just good for business success but life success. As I read them my thoughts went to how they could apply to my personal goal of losing weight. I especially appreciate the advice on creating non-negotiable’s. I have done that with my commitment to blogging and exercising. I will be bookmarking this article for a daily reminder.

      • Katrina

        Hi Stacey. I am so impressed with your goals for 2014. It is true, setting Non-negotiable action items does make all the difference. I am excited to be part of your journey and look forward to your blog post! Looking forward to seeing you comments again! 🙂

    • Debbie

      Katrina, this is excellent.I particularly love the 5 daily non-negotiables and will make my list. Printing off for reference and sharing : )

      • Katrina

        Debbie creating non-negotiable action items will change your business. Once I got into that mindset everything began to change. You can use them for family, health, business, and so much more. Wishing you the best in 2014. Thank you for commenting. See ya back here soon! 🙂

    • Laurel Regan

      Great advice! I particularly appreciate the idea of setting up non-negotiables, and have actually been working toward doing that very thing myself. Thank you for sharing!

      • Katrina

        I have found that adding commit and non-negotiable to my goals has made them stick. I wish you all the success in 2014. What would be your #1 non-negotiable for the month?

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