Mastermind SecretsI will admit that 80% of my success has been because of masterminds.

The interesting thing about masterminds is that they bring such a high quality of people together. People from all walks of life.

Back when I first got started in Elite Marketing Pro, there was a lot of talk on why people will join up or follow leaders. One of the biggest reasons was value. A leader offers a tremendous about of value to their followers. Teaching, training, coaching, and so much more.

Well, being such a newbie in the world of online marketing and having no ‘following’ of the sort, I had to figure out a way to entice people to join me inside Elite Marketing Pro. Which by the way is not a MLM but an affiliate system that teaching the 6-figure strategy of online marketing.

My goal is to help 10 people create a 6-figure income by implementing the training and hands on experience of EMP. I know its possible because I have met so many of those using the system and getting those results. And with my #EMPTeamOnFire mastermind going on it’s 2nd year the success stories have been amazing. But more on that later…

Which leads me back to the mastermind. How do you compete against the gurus? What value does someone have just entering the world of internet marketing for the first time?

The Answer… a Mastermind

7 Secrets of My Mastermind

When I first got started, I didn’t have a budget to market with but I had time… time to help others.

Here are my 7 secrets of my mastermind group that allowed me to go from $200 a month to $4600+ a month in just 18 months.

Recap of the seven secrets…

1. Create a Mastermind Group – Choose a social media platform… Facebook, Google+, or as I think about it LinkedIn. (make it private or invite only if you are on LinkedIn)

2. Create a Weekly Hangout – Create a Hangout On Air on Google+ just for your team. Choose a day to host and commit an hour.

3. Make It A Bonus – If you are promoting a system or MLM make your mastermind a bonus. Something they get from you and no one else.

4. Add Value – During your hangouts, ask what people are struggling with. Help answer questions. Review the system. Share some of your personal training. Continue to invest in yourself, so you can continue to add value to the group.

5. Talk About It! – Though you want to keep it a secret… talk about it. Tell others when you are about to host your hangout or when it ends. Let them know the only way in is through the purchase of … or joining of.

6. #Hashtag – Give your mastermind something to brag about. Hashtags allow your team to  be found and create a sense of exclusiveness.

7. Make It About Them – Learn together. Don’t show up as a dictator.. but as a friend. Empower them to teach and train inside the mastermind. Give those that are taking action admin responsibility to add people. Allow your mastermind to really embrace and par take in the mastermind.

8: A bonus secret I revealed in the video.

Why Mastermind?

I call it a long term investment. I want to support and keep my team around longer. So by adding something that didn’t cost me anything to create but added about $2,000 in value to those that join me in Elite Marketing Pro.

It became a simple solution to my lack of experience and forced me to learn a system better than anyone else. Why? Because I had to in order to answer the questions my mastermind members were asking me.

Want to get really good at something? Have people depend on you.

Most people won’t create a mastermind group because they don’t think they have enough knowledge to share… but that is the beauty… you get to bring other people in that have different strengths and they help support the members also.

In a mastermind you don’t want to always be the smartest one… go out and surround yourself with other brilliant leaders.

… Inside my mastermind for EMP we have multiple success stories

  • Going from complete newbie to online marketing, Hilary fired her boss in just 6 months.
  • Shane has created his own line of info products for teaching and training network marketers
  • Doug has created a small biz directory for the local businesses in his area
  • Mary and Purity are creating training videos for their MLM to drive traffic and get leads
  • Jeff retired from the corporate world and now help mlm leaders expand their business with online marketing.

It’s a blessing to be around these leaders and watch them grow. I am learning so much from them. Would this have happened without the mastermind, doubtful. Why? Because the mastermind creates accountability.

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Do you have questions about Mastermind? Have you considered creating one? Share your thoughts and comments below. I love hearing from my readers.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    6 replies to "7 Secrets Of A Sucessful Mastermind"

    • Chuck Holmes

      I love to mastermind with other people. I have my own MLM Mastermind Team and it helps a lot. I do it to help other people. But I also have my own mentors that I mastermind. The real key is to have everyone in the group want to help each other. You can’t just have one person benefit. Everyone must benefit. You should also be organized, have an agenda, stay on topic and meet regularly. Even meeting with your mastermind for an hour a month can pay huge dividends. I’ve been doing it for years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

      Great post, Chef!


      • Katrina

        Totally agree Chuck, masterminds are the single most important piece to building a strong team and strong community. Make it about them and helping them and you will grow a massive team of fans and business owners!

    • Jaye Carden

      Masterminds are a lot of fun to be a part of, and even more beneficial for our businesses. This post makes me want to create a mastermind of my own now! Great tips to really make it come alive and work too.

      • Katrina

        I would tell you to do it Jaye! Creating a mastermind is a great way to build your team!

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Thanks for the shout out! Katrina! I couldn’t have done it without this Mastermind! #empteamonfire!!!!

      • Katrina

        Super proud of you and your accomplishment Hilary! Keep moving forward.

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