network marketers onlineAs the need for a second income grows, so does the interest in Network Marketing.

Every day 100’s of people join the network marketing industry for the first time. They are sold on the dream of residual income and freedom.

The first thing they do… heck even I did this back in the beginning, jump online and spew all over their social media channels that they just joined a network marketing opportunity!

Ignorance on Fire as my upline refers to it. Actually this can be a very effective technique in the beginning… but a few months of ignorance on fire and you begin getting blocked on Facebook and family stops returning your phone calls.

Then you begin to think… Crap! this isn’t what they told me was going to happen. All I had to do was find 3 people… why is that proving so hard???

It comes down to these 5 common mistakes network marketers make online.

Mistakes Network Marketers Make Online

These are the 5 most common mistakes network marketers make. Once I made one little change in my business, I began recruiting rejection free.

1. Everyone is a prospect – This is the biggest lie we are told by our upline. As a network marketer online we need to have a targeted audience. We need to know who we are marketing to.  If you are in the weight loss industry… then you are targeting those that want to lose weight. Not the person that exercises everyday and doesn’t need a weight loss plan.

If you are in the travel industry, who are you targeting? Families that want to travel together? Honeymooners? Retires that want to travel the world?

Get very specific with who you want your message to reach. The more specific the better your results.

2. Solving a Problem – create or find solutions for your targeted audience. What is their pain? What are they struggling with? Make sure you have a message to market match. Be consistent in this message for longer than a day or two.

Right now people are going online looking for help? They have a problem and they are looking for a solution. Is your product or opportunity it?

3. Provide Value Beyond Your MLM – What value do you bring to the team? How can you help your team grow beyond the traditional MLM training? Can you teach them or share with them resources to build their business using the internet? Can you tell them how to recruit rejection free? Can you show them how to use video to build their business? How to set up a FB campaign?

Provide value beyond the scope of your MLM by investing in yourself and increasing your knowledge. My number one recommendation is Elite Marketing Pro.

4. Irresistible Offer – Your irresistible offer in not your MLM opportunity. It’s a ‘what’s in it for them’ offer. How will it change their life? What freedom will it offer them?

You have to learn how to position yourself and your company as a solution, going back to number two and three of this list.

You have seen an irresistible offer before, when you have exchanged your email address for a free training, product, mailing list…

Getting your prospect on YOUR email list is crucial. It allows you to follow up over a longer period of time and gain their trust. Which leads us to mistake #5…

5. Follow Up – With the power of the internet and email auto responders, you now have a way to follow up that is simple and easy to use. Using email follow up allows you to do permission based marketing.

By signing up for your emails, prospects are giving you permission to email them about training and even your opportunity. As we all have been told… the money is in the list, well this hold true for email marketing also.

Successful Network Marketers

All of the successful network marketers that I see online use this formula above. They are constantly seeking ways to help their team and other network marketers online.

They have positioned themselves as trainers in the network marketing industry. Do you think network marketers turn to them for training? Do you think network marketers jump from their company to that leaders company?

Why do network marketers join other top network marketers…. value.

At the end of the day, the network marketer that can provide the most value to their team and others is going to build a successful following and downline.

If you want to step into the role of a value leader in your network marketing opportunity, it begins with this free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. This is where all the top leaders began, you can even ask them.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    8 replies to "5 Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make Online"

    • Jim

      Certainly makes life easier knowing that not everyone is a potential customer. Thanks for calling out the mistake that “everyone is a prospect”.

      • Katrina

        Jim, it is one of the most common mistakes that all network marketers and business owners make, myself included. But knowing your avatar and your niche makes building any business easier.

    • Katrina! this was a great post and reminder.
      I remember when I first joined my MLM company I was told – everyone with skin is a prospect! LOL So happy I found a better way!

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Katrina

        Hey Hilary! I was told the same except mine was, “if they can fog a mirror, they are a prospect.” But once you find your target market… everything changes. Super proud of what you have accomplished with your blog. You are a true leader!

    • Jeff Beeman

      I have been there done that several times and am grateful to be reminded once again to keep this issues top of mind as I plan my day.

      • Katrina

        Hey Jeff, all you have to do is follow and implement! You are rocking your video marketing. Super proud of you!

    • Ruthanne

      Katrina, this has got to be one of THE most helpful articles I have ever read on helping build your MLM business. Thanks so much for all the fantastic information!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Ruthanne! I am glad you got so much value from this post!

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