Blog AudienceIf you are new to blogging or have been around for a while but are not getting the traffic you want to you blog? Then you are going to love what I am about to share with you today.

Blogging is the foundation of your business. It’s what I call the heart of your business. The reason I call it your heart is because without it you won’t last long in the online world.

When I first started online I was looking for traffic. I purchased tons of courses on how to get more leads and more sales, but there always seemed to be one component that I was missing. All the puzzle pieces weren’t fitting.

What I didn’t under stand is that traffic is worthless if you don’t have a website or an offer to send people to.

Even as a network market, if you are not sending people to YOUR blog to capture their email, to be building your own list… you are wasting time and money.

You will continue down a path of overwhelm, information overload, frustration, and the feeling of being taken advantage of because you may not have a clear vision of where to send people.

Having a blog is the key and the missing ingredient that can transform your business. And if you like, I do recommend Blogging Ingredients, to learn how to build your blog and make it profitable.

What I am about to share with you is perfect for both beginner and intermediate Bloggers.

4 Must Haves To Grow Your Blog Audience

These are tools that I am currently using and the reason I use them. There is a purpose and a recipe for the way I write my blog and how I share my blog. And today, for the first time I am going to reveal these secrets to you.

  1. No one cares about your blog until they know how much you care about them. So focus on writing blog posts that help your audience. Create how to blog posts. Answer questions that your customers are constantly asking you. Help them, teach them, and empower them. One of my favorite resources is the Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post. Perfect guide for writing blog posts that suck your readers in.
  2. A new little tool that I just discovered is Meet Edgar. This is a powerful little tool that allows you to bring back to life old blog posts that got a lot of reader engagement. So instead of writing a killer blog post, only to have it buried in your blog site a few months later… how about having the ability for it to be auto posted to your social media sites!
  3. Notify the search engines with Pingler. This tool allows you to share your blog post with very little effort. Just post the url, give it a keyword, choose your category and Pingler notifies other blogging platforms of your topic. It’s extremely useful and you can add it as a plugin on your blog. Win, Win!
  4. Getting Social. I just heard my friend say yesterday… Social is the new SEO. Meaning if you want to get found online, you have to socialize your blog. Be the first to share you content when published. Getting the word out about your blog begins with you. So don’t just blog and hope someone comes to your site… tell people you have a new blog post up! One of my favorite plugins to use on a WP site is Shareaholic.

Building your audience is key when blogging. To do that you have to provide value to your audience.

When I talk to my clients about blogging I always ask them, “Why do people go online?”

There are two reasons and they both start with “E”.

Entertainment & Education

So when you are blogging, make sure your blog covers one or both of these reasons.

Your Blog Audience

Make it a point to get to know your audience. Your blog should have a purpose and know who you are a talking to.

I have met bloggers that specialize in golfing, vegan baking, marketing, network marketing, fashion, travel, and the list goes on. They found their niche and voice by focusing on one audience and providing them value.

Your blog audience is something you want to spend time on. Don’t just get online to blog. Get online to make a difference, spread the word, and share your passion.

I will admit, for the past few months I have been astray. But this is part of the process of blogging also. We all have our ups and downs. For I am only human.

I do hope you got value out of today’s blog post. I am curious… do you have any other resources you can recommend for growing your blog audience that you use? Share in the comment section.

If you did get value from my post today, please share on your favorite social media site(s).

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    2 replies to "4 Must Haves To Grow Your Blog Audience"

    • Chuck Holmes

      I’ve never used any of these resources personally. My best tip is to write content that is so good other people want to share it. Over deliver. Provide so much value that people say “damn” when they read your blog posts. Do that and you will get more links and more traffic than you know what to do with.

      • Katrina

        Very true! It’s all about over delivering and educating people. Thank you for your comments Chuck! You’re comments are insightful. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. 🙂

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