3 Seasons of Network Marketing. Where are you?

network marketingDid you know that network marketing has seasons? I was a bit surprised to find this out myself. But once I read about it in Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre, I knew he was right.

There are seasons and there is room for growth no matter where you are in your season.

So first off I think we need to define, what the heck is a season????

Season – Period of time when you are 1 of 3 phrases of a network marketer. Each season is a time of growth and success. They can last a couple of months or even years. (I was the one that spent time in each season for years)

Let’s talk about the 3 seasons of a network marketing. Curious to learn where you are at.

1st Season of Network Marketing – The Poser

The Poser treats this profession like a lottery ticket. They’re hoping to hit it bit with as little effort as possible. When I was first starting out I was definitely a poser. I went out looking for people that I thought would hit it big and I could just ride on their coat tails. I figured if they had success then all I had to do was ride the wave. I didn’t need to do much.
I had some success as a poser but it didn’t last long as you can image. It was then that I moved into Amateur

2nd Season of Network Marketing – The Amateur

As an Amateur we move into the Luck phase. We begin attending company events and hear about how someone brought in 1 person and their business exploded. When we hear stories like this, we think… “that is the way it must be, I have to go out and find the one.”
The reality is that these types of stories don’t do our profession any good. It sets unrealistic expectations. People spend a lot of time hoping for that one big hit.

The second thing we begin to focus on is timing. Did I get in at the right time? Did I miss the growth curve? Is there enough momentum?

The third thing we focus on as Amateurs on is positioning. Do I have the right upline? Would I be better somewhere else?

The forth and final thing Amateurs focus on is shortcuts. I am super guilty of this one. Any gimmick that anyone talked about I wanted to try. Newspaper Ads? Yard Signs? Help Wanted Signs? Sizzle cards? Facebook Pages? I was guilty of all of it. I was so spammy and cheesy I am surprised that my friends still talk to me.

I sat in this arena for about 5 years. I didn’t know how to get out of this season. Then at the beginning of 2013 I decided to go Pro. I decided that I wanted to become a Network Marketing Professional. And things began to change and shift.

3rd Season of Network Marketing – Going Pro

If you are going to be involved in this great profession, decide to do it right and treat it like a profession. If you decided to go pro, this is a great business. If you stay a Poser or Amateur, you’re going to be miserable.

Once I committed to going Pro, everything changed. Back on May 1st I retired from my corporate Chef job. I began to focus on building my networth by investing into course that could help me turn into a pro. I invested in a Video Marketing Coach that cost me $2,000 for 3 days of coaching. I invested in learning how to market online by becoming a member of Elite Marketing Pro.

I created private Facebook Groups for my teams. I created private communities on Google+ for my team. I stopped worrying about riding coat tails, shortcuts, timing, and tricks. I began to focus on developing and helping people. I was taking what I learned and teaching it to others. I began investing in the success of my team.

That shift brought people to me. They began to see my commitment and that’s when my team started to grow. I stopped chasing down people and now they were coming to me. The art of attraction marketing at work.

So where are you at in your network marketing biz? Where do you want to be?

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    2 replies to "3 Seasons of Network Marketing. Where are you?"

    • Debra Jason

      I’d say treating any business pursuit as a professional is the only way to go.
      Choose something that has meaning for you and go for it wholeheartedly.
      Here’s to your sweet success.

      • Katrina

        Hi Debra! I agree that pursuing the professional approach is the best. But as network marketers we go through all three seasons at some point. Thank you for commenting and I look forward to seeing you here again! Have an amazing New Year!

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