3 Blogging Mistakes Network Marketers Make

Blogging MistakesAs network marketers we are told that blogging is crucial to our business. I am not here to dispute that.

I totally agree that if you are in network marketing you need to own your piece of the online real estate.

But what drives me nuts are when I come across blog posts or even entire blogs and they are all about a network marketing company.

I struggle with finding something to comment about. I am soooo not interested in the product and how life changing it is. I am already in a network marketing company and if I wasn’t, this blog isn’t going to get me to join your company. Most of the time a blog like this is never going to be seen.

It really doesn’t attract people.

So what are the three most common blogging mistakes make by network marketers.

I decided to do a quick video… Bonus at the end, so make sure you are watching to the very end.

Top 3 Mistakes Made by Network Marketers when Blogging

1. They blog only about their company and the compensation plan and how wonderful it is.
2. They blog only about their company products and how life changing they are or how you really need them.
2. They Blog only about themselves and how they are not doing any business or are doing business.

This doesn’t work and I will explain why. People are going online to search for specific product or answers to questions they have.

If you were to ask your downline what they need help with it wouldn’t be creating a page about their network marketing company. Heck if your MLM is any good they should already have a website with all this information on it.

No, I am sure your downline is asking for help generating leads, recruiting, … making money. They want to know the how in building a business. So if you are using affiliate marketing or learning to build a blog, share that. Share the education and the training you are getting.

You should be blogging about…

1. Problem Solving – be the solution
2. Training and information – share the tools that are out there to help them build. Let them choose what will work for them.
3. Share your About Me section and have a page, just one that talks about the company you are associated with.

By education and value you are not only helping yourself but you are becoming a leader to your downline also.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    • Karin Copperwood

      OMG, you totally crack me up! I love it! You are so right.Thank you for saying what I am always thinking.

      • Katrina

        Sometimes it just has to be said. Glad you enjoyed the post Karin! Looking forward to seeing more of your comments!

    • sugandha

      nice tips for professional bloggers.

      • Katrina

        Thank you! Always glad to share new info!

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