29 Minute Hangout Nick HaubnerEvery week on the 29 Minute Hangout we bring to you top leaders in the internet and network marketing world.

We want to give YOU access to these leaders and give you the opportunity to ask them your questions and get to know them a little better.

So I was super excited to have the chance to interview Nick Haubner.

This is a ‘kid’ that is making waves in the world of marketing. Primarily self-taught through books and courses, Nick is committed to his business and helping others.

Inside this 29 Minute Hangout you are going to hear Nick talk about the importance of getting to live events and the some shocking secrets about marketing.

It is interesting to get a perspective from someone who has NEVER sat in the audience as an attendee but has always been part of the action or a speaker on stage at events. His story is so unique and one that needs to be heard.

I have had the privilege of working with and hanging out with Nick Haubner and this ‘kid’ is brilliant. I highly recommend connecting with him on Facebook and subscribing to his blog. Dude is a genius!

29 Minute Hangout with Nick Haubner

Some of the questions that we asked of Nick?

  • How did you get started in the internet marketing industry? Answer at min 3.
  • How important is it to attend live events? Answer at min 7:20. (his answer carries a MASSIVE secret)
  • What helps you to stay grounded and focused in a marketing space where there are so many distractions?  Answer at min 11:18 (it’s pretty deep)
  • What the HECK is traffic and how do I get more of it??? Answer at min 12:33 (be prepared from some hard hitting controversial insight, network marketers listen up!)
  • Secret strategy of building a Facebook Fan Page – grab pen and paper… you are going to what to write this down. Answer at min. 17:18
  • What is the best list you can be building RIGHT NOW? Answer at min 20:18 (it’s not what you think)
  • WHAT?!… A Facebook secret revealed!!! Check out min 23!
  • How can you connect with Nick Haubner? Answer at min 27 (or just click here)

Always amazed at the secrets and insight that we get top industry leaders to spill on the 29 Minute Hangout. Nick Haubner is a brilliant leader and one that you should take note of and follow.

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