29 Minute Hangout29 Minute Hangout with Kate McShea was mind blowing. Today you are going to hear from Kate on how to build a business, stay in business, and what 1 decision changed her entire perspective on building her business.

A little background about Kate McShea and her husband Andrew McShea.

Kate and her husband Andrew McShea specialize in training other home business owners how to leverage the power of video marketing combined with social media to generate more leads, make more sales and create a massive following online.

After struggling for 4 years in the home business profession, Kate and her husband Andrew went from Zero to growing a Multiple 6 Figure business in less than 12 months leveraging video marketing and social media. They’ve generated over 40,000 leads online, signed up over 1,000 people into their home business on autopilot in just 12 months, are top affiliates within two online marketing systems and recently completed a 6 figure launch for their FB Video Traffic Code course.

Kate and Andrew are most passionate about helping other home business owners take their businesses to the next level so they can live the life and enjoy the time freedom they deserve.

29 Minutes Hangout with Kate McShea

Some of the key points that stood out for me in this 29 Minute Hangout with Kate McShea were:

1. Commit to attending live events! Attend as many live events as you can.

2. Pick ONE marketing strategy and do it till you get good enough to teach it to others.

3. Commit 120 days to your business… put blinders on and just block out everything else. But you need to hear what she says at the 7 minute mark!

4. “You’re selfish if you don’t take action. You’re selfish if you don’t make it big. There are people right now looking for your leadership.” (paraphrase from Ray Higdon)

5. Biggest secret for successfully using video to build your business revealed at the 10 minute mark.

6. How do work with an Un-supportive Spouse? Find the answer at 14:30 minute marker.

7. At 20:15 You are going to want to hear Kate’s biggest secrets on building your list! (Golden nuggets!!)

Honestly this 29 Minute Hangout went fast. We covered a lot of topics in a very short period of time and because of this, got Kate to reveal some of her biggest secrets.

This 29 Minute Hangout was so jammed pack with golden nuggets of information that our audience members later posted that they reason they didn’t ask questions is because they were taking notes!

Kate over delivers in the 29 Minute Hangout and I hope you got tons of value and training from her. She is an amazing leader and we look forward to seeing her on stage with her husband Andrew at No Excuses Summit 6.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    4 replies to "29 Minute Hangout with Kate McShea"

    • Ruthanne

      I just LOVED Kate’s point about committing to 120 days, but it taking her 6 months to get ready for those 120 days. Makes so much sense, and really rings true.

      • Katrina

        It really is a process. Learning the skills and mindset to build a business take time. She invested in herself and then applied it to building a six figure business. Glad you got value from this post Ruthanne! 🙂

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      I must say I enjoyed watching this replay! I think those tips on helping an unsupportive spouse are just priceless!

      • Katrina

        The 3 things she shares about how to engage with an un-supportive spouse are priceless. I love listening to this 29 Minute Hangout. So much value!

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