29 Minute Hangout Justice EaganThe chef’s are at it again in this week’s 29 Minute Hangout with Justice Eagan.

A true leader in the internet marketing industry Justice has been a top affiliate, top recruiter, and just a top leader overall.

So I will tell you that once I started hearing Justice’s back story and some of his insight… I felt an immediate connection. There is an honesty that is refreshing and a truth about the internet marketing industry that he shockingly reveals.

I am always floored by the insight and secrets that these top leaders reveal. At the heart of each of them, they want you to succeed. They want you to make the six figure income. They want to help you achieve your dreams.

And I think you are going to connect with Justice in today’s 29 Minute Hangout.

29 Minute Hangout with Justice Eagan

At minute 7:00 Justice answers the question… “If I follow what you tell me to do, how long will it take?” Your not going to believe his response.

What does it take to succeed? Justice reveals a huge secret at min 10:05. This is a powerful!

How to get up when life kicks you down? How can you see the future when your world is currently falling apart? Justice shares insight that is super simple… this is a game changer at min 12:03

The one word, that if you hear it… remove this word immediately from your vocabulary. Found at minute 16:37 (jaw dropping)

Want to know if the right person is joining your team? Listen to what they are saying. Discover the words that someone will use when they are not willing to take responsibility for their business. Minute 19:52

Justice Eagan does give a book recommendation at minute 25:38 called the Big Leap.

One thing about this 29 Minute Hangout is that Justice hits upon many of the stumbling blocks that we all face. This is really an eye opening interview and even had me doing some deep thinking.

It’s always interesting to hear the back story and find out that top leaders, right now are still struggling with building their business. Still have the same fears and doubts that hold many of us back.

Connect with Justice Eagan on his website. http://justiceeagan.com/

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