29 Minute Hangout Bob ClarkeThe Elite Marketing chefs are at it again with this weeks 29 Minute Hangout!

Are you a part time network marketer trying to build your home business so that you can retire on your own terms?

Our special guest this week is Dr. Bob Clarke!

Dr. Bob Clarke is a full time baby making doctor. He specializes in, in-vetro fertilization. And he is just like you.

He fell in love with the world of network marketing and realized the benefits of having your own business. Learning how to build it was a struggle though. One I am sure you are familiar with.

Dr. Bob shares with us his struggles and insight of what it really takes to build an income replacing home business around a full time J.O.B.

29 Minute Hangout with Bob Clarke

As with each 29 Minute Hangout… time just flies right by. There is so much amazing training in this hangout I had to listen to it about 3 more times.

What stood out for me in this 29 Minute Hangout with Dr. Bob Clarke.

  • Zero results for 2 years!
  • Finding a Mentor or Team that can help and guide you
  • Creating blocks of time… or finding time to go to the bathroom a lot!

Dr. Bob Clarke is an amazing leader and mentor. He has helped so many learn how to build a home business around work, family, and life.

Bob and I have had many conversations about marketing and how to better use and share Elite Marketing Pro. We have also collaborated on a 5 week mastermind to teach those working full time how to leverage the art of Attraction Marketing.

We took an intimate group of leaders chapter by chapter through the Attraction Marketing Formula, explaining exactly how we use these skills to build our business online. For many it was an eye opening insight into the world of online marketing that their upline NEVER told them about.

The cool thing is that Bob and I did record theses masterminds and they are your for FREE when you get your hands on the Attraction Marketing Formula.

So what do we have in store for you in the next 29 Minute Hangout?

Where To Watch the 29 Minute Hangout Live?

Join us next week with our special guest Matt Crystal. The mastermind behind the system of Elite Marketing Pro and Genius Marketer.

I have done my best to make the 29 Minute Hangout available to you on many different platforms.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    4 replies to "29 Minute Hangout with Dr. Bob Clarke"

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Dr. Bob Clarke was amazing this week! I remember reading each everyone of his articles while I was still working and he showed me how to take 2 hours a day and turn that into the results of 8 hours! I am a big fan!
      Thanks for having on!

      • Katrina

        I love this 29 Minute Hangout with Bob Clarke. He was so honest and real. It was great see the real side of building a network marketing business.

    • Ruthanne

      I’ve had several mentors over the years, and have found that to be perhaps THE most helpful!

      • Katrina

        Having a mentor or coach really is key to success. You have got to work with those that can show you the way. Makes life a whole lot easier.

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