29 Minute Hangout With Bill PescosolidoWow, what an amazing 29 Minute Hangout with Bill Pescosolido.

It’s not often that I am star struck and with Bill Pescosolido, that is exactly how I felt when I first met him and his wife Michelle.

The first time I met Bill was at a live event here in Orlando called Live The Dream. I was attending this event because his wife was teaching and training on Facebook marketing and I wanted to know what she was doing to recruit people into her opportunity.

I remember talking to Bill about how to market online and some of the stumbling blocks that I was having. He basically said I was in my own way and that I needed to join his team to get unstuck!

He was right.

So to have him on the 29 Minute Hangout four years later and to still be learning for this master marketer is truly an honor.

Bill has some of the best recruiting skills I have seen in a long time and I can’t wait for you to listen in as we get Bill Pescosolido to give away some of his biggest marketing secrets. This is a very powerful 29 Minute Hangout and you are going to want to hang on till the very last second.

Diving into the golden nuggets of this 29 Minute Hangout with Bill Pescosolido.

Minute 4:30 – Bill reveals one of his biggest secrets to his success

Minute 7:05 – Why Bill and Michelle Left the Network Marketing Industry and transitioned into this business model.

Minute 9:30 – This is a powerful concept about building your future! Must Watch!

Minute 10:30 – How to make a few extra bucks right now… this may piss you off.

Minute 13:00 – How to overcome the No Money Objection – This is a brilliant answer!

Minute 19:20 – How to target the people that WANT your opportunity.

Minute 21:00 – Learn how to go from calling leads to having leads call you.

Minute 24:55 – Which comes first, Marketing or Branding? Love Bills Answer

Minute 27:48 – Excited About this! Click here to learn more.

Truly an amazing interview with Bill Pescosolido. I hope you got value from this 29 Minute Hangout. If you want to connect with Bill visit him on his site at billpescosolidoblog.com

Purpose of the 29 Minute Hangout

Our goal is to bring to you some of the most influential people in our business. Those that have create success and those rising up fast in the ranks of creating success.

Every guest has a story to tell and we use our 29 Minute Hangout to help share that story. If there is someone you recommend that we should interview, comment below or reach out to either Chef Doug or myself.


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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden


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